What are the benefits of marshmallow flower (Hibiscus)? What diseases is marshmallow (Hibiskus) good for?

The marshmallow flower, which can be grown easily in almost all parts of the world, has been given different names in many regions. Also known as hibiscus, the flower is very rich in magnesium and iron. The flower, which also contains vitamin C, has incredible benefits for human health. We have searched for you, especially those who are curious about marshmallow tea, which is effective in eliminating edema. So what are the benefits of marshmallow flower (Hibiscus)? What diseases is marshmallow (Hibiskus) good for?

Also known as camel, cylinder, rose marshmallow, and hire, the marshmallow flower blooms in July and August. The marshmallow flower, which belongs to the hibiscus family, is referred to as hibiskus in some regions. Hibiscus tea, which is especially used in popular culture, is very effective in eliminating edema. The marshmallow flower, which grows easily in wet areas, loves the climate of the Mediterranean Region. After the flowers are fully matured, they are collected and dried according to their usage areas or their oil is extracted. Everything from the root, leaf and crown of the marshmallow flower is beneficial. Its scientific name is known as althaea officinalis. Marshmallow flower, which has not been found to have any side effects in the researches, is used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Marshmallow flower contains starch, sucrose, galactose, pectin, oil, tannin and asparagine substances. It is popularly known as a dry cough cure. Marshmallow flower, which provides one-to-one benefits in the fight against infection, is frequently consumed in alternative medicine. It consists of purple and pink colors. It is added to some dishes with its pleasant smell.

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Marshmallow plants are dried and 150 grams of it is boiled with 3 glasses of water. You can apply tonic to your skin with the water of the marshmallow flower, which is left to infuse for 10 minutes after boiling for 10 minutes. When the undried marshmallow flower is beaten well in a savannah, a little olive oil is added to its content and applied to the armpit and wrist, it leaves a pleasant scent on the body at the sweating points of the skin.

It is effective without killing the infected cells that settle in the throat with their mistakes in the upper respiratory tract. Thanks to the asparagine it contains, it reduces the mutated condition that causes the throat to swell. It relieves dry cough, which usually occurs with the upper respiratory tract. It is also good for bronchitis and bronchial colds.

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It is effective in reducing the sudden rise of sugar in the blood due to nutrients. However, diabetics should consult their doctor before using it. It balances not only blood sugar but also blood pressure.

It is among the first nutrients used for diuresis. It prevents the formation of stone sand in the kidney and bladder bag. It is effective in operating the adrenal glands. It positively affects the fluid ratio of the body.

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Marshmallow flower is also used to soothe skin diseases with special mixtures. While repairing the deformed cells on the skin surface, it also delays aging.

When mouthwash is made, it strengthens the tooth enamel. It prevents tartar formation on the dream surface. It prevents the formation of herpes and aphthae by preventing infection of the gums.

Consumed marshmallow tea strengthens the immune system and increases the body’s resistance against diseases.


Put 200 grams of dried marshmallow flowers in 3 glasses of boiled water. After waiting for 3 minutes to infuse, it can be consumed by straining.

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