What are the benefits of Maltese (New world) plum? What does the core of the maltese plum do?

Maltese, known as the new world among the people, has many benefits for human health. We have compiled for you those who are curious about malt plum, the best vitamin A found in nature. What are the benefits of Maltese (New world) plum? What does the core of the maltese plum do? In the detail of the news, you can find everything about malt that is effective in regulating blood pressure:

Although the homeland of the malt plum, which belongs to the Rosaceae family, is known as China, it was first cultivated in Japan. Later, it becomes widespread in Mediterranean and European countries. It is grown in the Mediterranean Region of our country. Maltese plum tree can stay green in summer and winter. Also, this tree does not shed leaves. The fruit malt that grows on the tree turns green after a green color and turns yellow as it matures. It has a sour-sweet mixed flavor. Maltese is used in cakes and sauces. In addition, malt plum is consumed by making salads, jams and sugar syrup. It is recommended to wash the Maltese plum and consume it thoroughly.With more than 800 varieties in East Asia, the malt plum is similar in shape to a small pear.

  • When the seeds in the fruit are boiled and the juice is consumed, it regulates the stomach acid. It relieves digestion.
  • It is good for eye health as it contains high levels of vitamin A.
  • Maltese, which is rich in fiber, facilitates digestion.
  • Maltese containing natural sugar regulates the level of insulin in the blood.

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  • Maltese, which has low calories, is rich in fiber and pectin. Pectin softens the colon and makes it easier to defecate foods. Thanks to this feature, it prevents risky diseases such as colon cancer.

– Thanks to a strong vitamin A, it also protects eye health. It meets 50 percent of the body’s needs. Thanks to its high antioxidant content, it prevents viruses in the eye. It balances the vitamin level in the eye.

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  • Vitamin A benefits not only the eyes but also other organs of the body. In researches, malt plum, which is rich in flavonoids, prevents the cells in the lung and oral cavities from mutating. Thus, it reduces the risk of tumors and cancer.

Maltese plum lowers blood sugar. This reduces the risk of getting diabetes. Experts recommend prune tea to regulate blood sugar for diabetics. For this, tea can be prepared by boiling the leaves or seeds of malt plum. Maltese bean regulates insulin and glucose levels.

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  • Since it grows in clay soils, it is very rich in iron and copper. Iron increases blood cells. It is recommended that people with iron deficiency consume plenty of it. It strengthens the immune system. By eating 5 malt plums a day, iron deficiency is eliminated.

– In Chinese alternative medicine, malt leaves are boiled together with the seeds. This prepared water clears the infection in the throat. It is a powerful expectorant. It also removes viruses in the lungs.

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  • Chronic insomnia is becoming more and more common these days. To prevent this disease, experts recommend consuming natural mixtures before medications. For a comfortable sleep, it is enough to consume 3 malt plums before going to bed at night.

Maltese, rich in vitamin K, strengthens bone and muscle health. It reduces the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis seen in advanced ages.


The skin of the malt plum, whose flesh is quite sweet, is easily peeled off as it is soft. Since it contains a high amount of vitamin A, it is beneficial for ailments such as fatigue and headaches. Experts recommend that it be mixed with mango and orange to increase body resistance, especially in the transition from spring to summer. In addition, it can be consumed by making jam and syrup.

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