What are the benefits of long pepper (Darüfülfül)? Which diseases are long pepper good for?

Do you know what the long pepper, which is the raw material of Indonesia’s most used spices, is? So what are the benefits of Long pepper (Darüfülfül)? Which diseases are long pepper good for? We have searched for you what you need to know about the long pepper, which is also consumed as a fruit. The other name of the long pepper, which is good for gas compression, which is the most common digestive problem, is darufülfül. In the details of the news, you can find what you need to know about the long pepper.

Indonesian long pepper known as Piper Longum is a vine plant. It can even be grown at home when given plenty of water. Long pepper, which is consumed as a fruit, is also dried and used as a spice. Long pepper, which is mentioned in Divanu Lügati’t-Türk, which is one of the old Turkish works, has been used in our country for centuries. Since it is a strong antiseptic, it prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. It has been used for centuries in cooking and sweetening tea varieties. Belonging to the pepper family, pippali also burns fatty acids in the body. Thus, it removes the accumulated toxins. Long pepper with bacterial infection feature helps to get rid of upper respiratory tract diseases in a short time. Long pepper is also called Tbilisi pepper. In Ottoman times, this pepper was called darılfülfül. Pastes were made from the long pepper used in medicine for strength and healing. The taste of long pepper, which looks like a long cone, is the same as black pepper. Long pepper, which adds flavor to meals, has incredible benefits for human health. The phenol compounds it contains increase the body’s temperature, allowing it to burn fat quickly.

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The liver, which prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body, starts to get fat due to some effects. In this case, it negatively affects the overall health of the body. Long pepper renews the cells of the liver, prevents lubrication and makes it work healthier.

Long pepper has almost no side effects. Since it contains solvents, it prevents the body from binding fat. It also helps to lose weight in a short time by dissolving the accumulated fat.

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The rate of bacteria increases rapidly in people with a weak immune system. This paves the way for many diseases. Especially bacteria accumulate in the nasal glands and sinus canals, causing diseases such as sinusitis and nasal congestion. Subsequently, stress negatively affects the quality of life with symptoms such as severe headache, fatigue, coughing and sneezing. However, long pepper prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the body. A shield is formed in immunity against bacteria. When consumed by mixing long pepper spice with honey, it will relieve the problem of dry cough.

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Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world after obesity. Since it cannot regulate the sugar level in the blood, it rises. This causes serious complications in the body. Long pepper regulates the sugar rate in the blood.

Thanks to the minerals it contains, it balances the stomach acid. It is good for indigestion after meals. In order to avoid this, it is sufficient to add a pinch to the meals.

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One of the most common diseases of metropolitan life is stress and depression. The most important factor in the increase of these two disorders is the deformation of nerve cells throughout the day. Long pepper reduces the severity of these ailments by supporting the calming of the nerves, thanks to the phenol compounds it contains.

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For gum diseases, make the long pepper spice a little thicker than a paste with salt and paste, and apply it on the aching gums and leave for an hour. You will see that the pain gradually decreases and the infections decrease after a while.

When mixed with warm water and consumed, it removes the infection in the throat. It is good for hoarseness. Since it has a bitter taste, it is also consumed by mixing with honey. It destroys infections in the lungs, especially when burned and inhaled. It is very effective for asthma patients.

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