What are the benefits of linden? Which diseases is it good for? How to make linden tea?

We have researched for you what you wonder about linden tea, which comes to mind first when it comes to seasonal transitions and winter. Since it contains fiber and plenty of vitamins, it is very effective in clearing both the throat and digestion. You can find everything about linden, which experts recommend to be consumed frequently, in the details of the news. So what are the benefits of linden? Which diseases is it good for? How to make linden tea?

Linden, which belongs to the hibiscus family, is found in the form of trees and shrubs. The linden leaves and flowers that bloom on these deciduous trees in winter attract attention with their sliced ​​appearance. It is said that the number of flowers on the tree reaches 35. Trees that grow on fertile and calcareous soils like places with high groundwater. The tree that reptiles like to live in has been used for centuries in Central Europe, especially in its villages. Especially young girls both do skin care and make a crown with linden. In some lands, they do not want anyone to harm the linden trees, as they give extreme importance to them. It is also a raw material in the cosmetics industry thanks to its beautiful scent. Since the wood of the tree is of high quality, it is especially preferred in the making of musical instruments. Linden, which is one of the herbal medicines frequently consumed in alternative medicine, prevents the deformation of nerve cells thanks to the sedatives it contains. It both prevents throat damage during upper respiratory tract diseases and reduces the risk of mental illnesses.

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Those with chronic insomnia often feel tired and stressed the next day. Linden is one of the most ideal natural remedies for this ailment that lasts for a while. When linden, which has a melatonin effect, is consumed one hour before going to sleep, it eliminates sleep problems in a week.

Linden provides one-to-one benefits to prevent the increase of viruses and bacteria that appear during the seasonal transitions. Linden, which renews the immune system and protects the cells, increases the body’s resistance.

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It has a strong antioxidant property as it contains tannin and oxidative. In this way, it clears immunity and increases resistance against diseases.

It prevents the toxins in the digestion of waste foods and removes them from the body. Regulates stomach acid. It is especially good for problems such as indigestion and vomiting.

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Since it cleans the intestines, it prevents inflammation, which is a serious discomfort. In addition, it prevents toilet problems such as constipation.

Edema in the body sometimes causes swelling in the hands and feet. This is due to the person staying in the same position for a long time. For these swellings that cause pain, you will see that both pain and swelling are relieved as a result of putting 500 grams of linden and dried mint in a bucket of hot water and putting your feet in this way for an hour.

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It is an effective natural herb in detoxifying the liver and gallbladder. The liver, which is one of the most important organs of the body, can lead to serious complications when exposed to toxins for a long time. In particular, it paves the way for elevated cholesterol and skin diseases. That’s why experts recommend consuming linden regularly.

When consumed hot, it increases body temperature and removes toxins even by sweating. It is also a strong diuretic. Therefore, the bladder also prevents the formation of stones and sand.

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The prepared linden juice is also good for eye diseases. When the eye area is cleaned with linden juice, which is an infection preventative, it also prevents bacteria from accumulating there. It also reduces wrinkles around the eyes.

Linden, which can be used as a tonic, removes skin blemishes. When applied to the skin regularly twice a day, you will witness a visible result in a month.

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HOW TO MAKE LInden tea?

To prevent diseases such as flu and cold, boil two dried apples, a stick of cinnamon, a teaspoon of ginger, a tablespoon of lemon and 20 grams of dried linden on the stove for 5 minutes, then strain and drink.


Pregnant and newly delivered women should consult a specialist before consuming.

Do not exceed 3 glasses a day, otherwise it will cause diarrhea and excessive fluid loss.

It can increase blood pressure by liquefying the blood. Therefore, it should be consumed in a limited way.

It should be boiled and consumed once, and no second boiling should be done.

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