What are the benefits of lentil grass (Chibrika)? Where is lentil grass used?

Lentil herb, one of the ancient spices of Anatolian cuisine, spread to the whole world from Bulgaria via the Silk Road. Although it seems like a herb used by the Bulgarians, it has been used in mixed form in Anatolian lands for centuries. We have searched for you what you wonder about lentil grass, which has many local names. So, what are the benefits of lentil grass (Cibrika)? Where is lentil grass used? In the detail of the news, you can find everything about the lentil grass.

Lentil grass, which is frequently consumed in Bulgarian cuisine, is actually used as a spice in Anatolian cuisine to add flavor to dishes. Although migration events seem to be specific to Bulgaria due to border changes, grass has been consumed in these lands for centuries. It is also known by names such as lentil grass, chubritsa, çibrika, çibriska, çubriza, venison and zater. Lentil grass, which is known to belong to the mint and thyme family, can also be grown at home. It is dried and turned into a spice. It is used at every meal to add flavor to the dishes. It has a unique smell and taste. It is a must for immigrant food. It grows frequently in Thrace and Marmara lands. Since it is used more frequently in meals in Kırıkkale, it is cultivated frequently. After planting the seed, the seedlings grow and bloom purple flowers. It is collected and dried together with its roots during the flowering period. It is ground and ready for consumption. It contains strong antibacterial substances such as thyme. It is a powerful herb, especially in removing edema.

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It is a powerful herb in eliminating diseases such as edema in the body due to various diseases. It also positively affects bone and muscle health by clearing inflammation.

It is recommended that people who have indigestion problems consume it for breakfast. Especially, alternative medicine experts emphasize that lentil grass relieves digestion. It supports healthier functioning by cleaning the food wastes in the intestines.

It is recommended to be consumed by adding it to soups in order to prevent diseases that increase in seasonal transitions. In this way, it strengthens the immune system and increases the energy rate of the body.

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Urinary diseases are one of the health problems experienced by almost everyone in the society. This problem also causes stone formation in the kidney and bladder. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to increase the fluid ratio of the body. As well as diuretic. Lentil grass is one of the effective herbs in this regard. It is beneficial to consume a glass of water every day by throwing a teaspoon of lentil grass into a glass of boiled water and squeezing a little lemon.

– It is known to be effective in removing the infected cells in the blood.

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It is used in sauces of meat and chicken dishes. It increases both taste and benefit.

For those who like to add dressing to their salads, it can be added by mixing with olive oil.

Especially for breakfast, it can be sprinkled on foods such as olives, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers.

It is a herb that will increase its taste for those who like to consume butter for breakfast.

It can be used to add flavor to pastries and pastries.

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