What are the benefits of leeks? What diseases are leeks good for?

Do you know that leeks, which we often see in the markets during the winter months, have incredible benefits for human health? Leek, which is often confused with asparagus, belongs to the garlic family and has a high amount of antioxidants in its content. So what are the benefits of leeks? What diseases are leeks good for? Is there any harm to the leek? What are the nutritional values ​​of leeks? We have added the answers to all the questions that are curious to you in the detail of the news.

The “lactucarium” substance in this plant species, which was discovered during the Romans, facilitates sleep. For this reason, the Romans used to eat a plate of leeks after their meals and ensure their sleep patterns. In addition, because they could not diagnose people with mental illness, they fed them leeks to calm them down. Leek grown in the Mediterranean climate has the ability to grow in all seasons. In Egypt, it was often consumed as it increased the possibility of getting pregnant. Leek, which has been the subject of research by scientists for centuries about its benefits, was boiled and pureed due to the minerals it contains, and used to remove wounds, especially burn scars. Leek is a plant that is the subject of some stories and fairy tales in terms of its benefits. Leek, which grows very fast, is consumed as a kind of food and salad in our country. It is recommended to be consumed abundantly as it calms the body. There are two negative situations about the leek. When consumed excessively, it causes gas and bloating.


broad-headed ButterheadLeek type is grown in Bursa İnegöl in our country.

dense like cabbage iceberg,usually produced in the USA.

different in shape Summer CerealThe other name of i leek is Batavian.

with a bitter taste chinese leek, there is little to no head part.

The most delicate and thin type of leek is broadleafis the one.

The leek species with the longest leaves Romanleek.

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Two important minerals that support bone and muscle health are potassium and calcium. Especially developmental age and pregnant women need to benefit from these two vitamins abundantly. Thanks to the magnesium and calcium substances it contains, leeks meet 60 percent of the minerals needed by the bones.

When the homocysteine ​​level in the blood rises, very serious vascular and heart diseases occur. As this substance increases in the veins, it causes lubrication. Leeks reduce this level in the blood. It also protects vascular health by reducing nitric oxide production. In a study, it was seen that regularly consumed leeks reset the level of cardiovascular diseases.

Leek, which does not contain fat, does not make you gain weight. It is one of the most effective herbs against obesity. Thanks to the fiber, it gives a feeling of satiety and prevents the need to eat for a long time. It also gives energy to the body.

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Leek is also very important in terms of sleep patterns, which metropolitan life affects most seriously on human health. Thanks to the minerals it contains, leek affects the numbness of the brain and puts it into sleep. In this process, it supports the body to renew itself. In addition, it allows the toxins in the body to be deposited in the bladder and excreted with urine or defecation.

Toxins accumulated in the body due to foods cause inflammation between the joints. These edemas cause serious body pain. Leek, thanks to its antioxidant feature, cleans these toxins and prevents the accumulation of inflammatory cells. It is the most natural treatment method for joint pain.

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Thanks to its antiseptic feature, it fights infected cells entering the body. It strengthens immunity. It creates a shield against diseases. It reduces the health problems experienced at high rates in winter months. It balances the body’s oxygen level and resets the pressure problem. Unbalanced pressure in the body causes severe head, nose and ear pain.

Thanks to folic acid, it reduces the occurrence of health problems such as stress, depression and fatigue by regulating the deterioration in the digestive system. Improves concentration by enhancing brain memory. Folic acid is an important substance that should be taken especially during pregnancy and developmental periods.

People with low hemoglobin substance experience diseases such as anemia. In order to increase hemoglobin, the body needs to take a certain amount of iron vitamin. A plate of leek helps to eliminate anemia by meeting the daily iron rate.

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A strong diuretic, it also affects the fluid ratio in the body when consumed too much. This situation upsets the balance of the body. It also causes diarrhea by causing overwork of the digestive system. In addition, because it contains sodium, it causes sodium to accumulate in the body.

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