What are the benefits of jujube fruit? What diseases is jujube good for?

Jujube was a very unknown fruit in our country in terms of taste and appearance. However, with its increased production recently, it started to take its place on the counters before October. We have compiled for you everything about jujube, which is a bit larger than an olive and is a matter of curiosity with its appearance that shrinks as it waits. You can find those who are curious about the right of jujube, which consists of 85 percent vitamin C, in the details of the news. So what are the benefits of jujube fruit? What diseases is jujube good for?

The jujube fruit, which grows in a tree species belonging to the Cehrigiller family, first develops in a green color. The fruit, which is waiting in the autumn sun, turns into a color between red and brown in time. Jujube, whose outer surface is slightly hard, resembles an olive in appearance. It is grown in gardens as well as in the wild. The green version has a sour taste, while the darker the color, the sweeter the taste. Spreading all over the world from China, this fruit is a natural medicine frequently used in alternative medicine. It is also found in North Africa, Syria, and India. It has a tree that quickly adapts to climatic conditions. It is also grown in Marmara, Western and Southern Anatolia in our country. The fruit, which contains natural sugar, is dried and consumed with tea. It is one of the rare fruits that contains 85% vitamin C in its content. Thanks to this feature, a handful purifies the whole body from toxins. It strengthens immunity. 100 grams of jujube contains 7 percent vitamin A, 20 percent vitamin B, as well as iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and sodium. In studies on jujube, it is known that the fruit reduces the formation of cancerous cells. Jujube fruit, which has a rich content, has a natural calming feature.


It is one of the foods that provides one-to-one benefits in cutting cough attacks, which is good for throat infections that are often experienced during seasonal transitions. The pectin substance it contains helps you to remove all the phlegm in the throat. It reduces the risk of developing asthma and respiratory diseases.

It is good for constipation that almost everyone experiences due to some fatty and carbohydrate foods. It facilitates digestion and reduces the rate of harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines. It even helps you lose weight by keeping you full for a long time. It also prevents you from experiencing energy loss while losing weight.

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Thanks to its strong antioxidant properties, it purifies the liver from toxins. Thus, it reduces the risk of getting skin problems. It strengthens immunity and prevents catching risky diseases. Experts state that this fruit should be consumed regularly, especially in the autumn months.

When consumed a handful a day, it quickly strengthens your immune system. It prevents bone and muscle loss. Consumed raw, this fruit also protects oral and dental health by reducing the rate of harmful oscillations in saliva.

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Potassium enables the cells in the body to function more healthily. Therefore, it is one of the minerals that the body needs daily. Jujube is a fruit rich in this. When consumed close to a cup, it meets 70 percent of the body’s potassium need.

According to studies, jujube protects the structure of the nervous system thanks to the substances it contains. Therefore, it supports the person to avoid getting angry quickly or experiencing mental conditions such as stress. It acts as a powerful antidepressant drug.

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