What are the benefits of jasmine tea? Effective menstrual cramps found in nature…

China has been consuming the most beneficial foods for centuries, and one of them is the jasmine flower. Since the tea obtained from the flower provides spiritual benefits, one must be consumed during the day. Modern age scientists also recommend consuming this herbal tea. We have searched for you, who are curious about jasmine, which belongs to the olive family. So what are the benefits of Jasmine tea?

The jasmine flower, which originated in North America, is among the wild flowers. Although there are more than 300 species, the most used are Chinese and Arabian jasmine flowers. Its essential oil was discovered years later. This oil has been used frequently in the cosmetics and perfume industries. Jasmine flower is often consumed as a tea in China. Jasmine tea, which is used to relieve mental illnesses such as depression and stress, is among the most effective relaxing teas in nature. The jasmine flower with white petals produces fruit as it matures. The jasmine flower, which grows mostly in white, is also rarely seen in pink and purple colors. Jasmine flower, which is used as an ornamental plant in Italy, is a useful plant that has been discovered for centuries. In ancient times, tea was given as a natural medicine to women suffering from severe menstrual pain and patients with kidney pain. oleaceaejasmine flower, known as Molihua Cha known as. Jasmine tea increases the number of red cells in the blood. Modern studies have also revealed that jasmine tea is effective in strengthening immunity.


Jasmine, which has incredible benefits from its leaves to its oil and seeds, can be grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. Jasmine, a fragrant herb. In ancient times, it was boiled and turned into porridge and placed on cliffs. In addition to providing rapid healing, it also prevents the skin from being stained and damaged. In some regions, the jasmine flower was dried and burned inside the house. With this method, it has been determined that discomforts such as headache or sinusitis are reduced. Today’s alternative medicine experts also recommend jasmine incense, which is especially good for headaches.

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Thanks to the calming substances it contains, it supports the calmer functioning of the nerves. In this way, it protects brain health by increasing the secretion of hormones. It is the most natural remedy for depression and stress caused by both environmental effects and unhealthy diet throughout the day. According to researches; It has been observed that regularly consumed jasmine flower oil increases the melotanin hormone, which regulates sleep.

The oil of the jasmine flower, which has antifungal, antiviral and antibiotic properties, is in the essential oil category. Thanks to these features of the jasmine flower, it prevents premature aging by renewing the cells. Jasmine flower, which is very beneficial for skin and hair, strengthens damaged hair and renews the dermis layer of acne-prone skin.

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Thanks to its antibiotic feature, it not only renews the skin, but also cleans the free radicals in the body. It strengthens immunity. Jasmine flower, which increases the body’s resistance against diseases, also prevents cancer-prone cells.

Dry cough, which is seen after upper respiratory tract infections, which is frequently seen in seasonal transitions, causes severe damage to the throat. At the same time, this infection clogs the sinus canals, making it difficult to breathe through the nose. Strong antibiotics are needed to prevent these two conditions that cause serious damage to the lungs. However, since antibiotics, which are drugs, can cause different health problems in the body, the first thing that experts recommend during these ailments is natural remedies. The most effective in natural remedies is jasmine flower oil. You can drop jasmine oil in hot water and breathe. This steam effect helps the infections to leave the body in liquid form.

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Jasmine flower, which has a stimulating effect, is also good for health problems such as weakness and fatigue, which are often experienced today. Some alternative medicine experts recommend boiling the jasmine flower and adding it to the water you use as a bath rinse. This water helps to clean the pores in the whole body and relaxes the body.

You can get natural perfume by mixing lavender oil, orange oil and thyme oil.

Some women have irregular periods due to hormonal problems. This causes heavy bleeding and pain during menstruation. Add a handful of dried jasmine flowers to a glass of boiling water, strain after brewing, squeeze lemon into it and consume. It helps to remove painless menstruation in a short time.

There are some points on the body, massages made here provide relaxation to the body. The nape, soles of the feet, palms, and the middle of the forehead are located between these points. You can relax by making circular massages on these points by mixing the oils of geranium, lavender, mint and jasmine flower.

NOTE: Since it has a high calming effect, it should not be used much during the day. Otherwise it will cause a lack of concentrate.

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