What are the benefits of horsetail grass? How to make horsetail herb tea?

Did you know that horsetail, also known as horsetail, has incredible benefits for human health? We have compiled for you those who are curious about horsetail herb, which is an alternative natural remedy for diseases such as herniated disc and neck. Horsetail is a perishable weed that needs to be harvested on time. Therefore, attention should be paid to these issues. So what are the benefits of horsetail grass? How to make horsetail herb tea? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news…

Horsetail, which is frequently used in alternative medicine thanks to its antibacterial properties, was regarded as a source of healing in Ancient Greece and China. The grass, which grows easily in forest and hazelnut areas, requires clean and a lot of water. It reaches up to 40 cm in length. It has long, thin awns that encircle a brown branch. It is also called by this name in some regions as it resembles a horsetail due to its appearance. It is also called small pine tree in some places. The herb, which starts to grow in May and June, is often consumed in autumn and winter. Grass stores all the vitamins and minerals it takes from the soil in its content. It is very beneficial for health. It lowers the bad cholesterol level and removes harmful toxins from the body. Horsetail, which is used in the treatment of many diseases, varies from region to region. It is usually consumed as a tea. It is also referred to as the foxtail as well as the forty-lock and ponytail.

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The most common known benefit is bone health. Horsetail is a very strong herb in terms of calcium. Therefore, it strengthens the bone structure. It allows the bones to heal quickly after any impact.

It contributes positively to the joint structure as well as to the bones. It prevents rheumatic diseases by drying the inflammation in the joints.

It prevents blood thinning. It increases blood volume and allows it to coagulate. However, experts do not recommend consuming too much for this reason. Because otherwise, it can cause blockage by rapidly clotting the blood level.

It is an effective nutrient in protecting the stomach wall. Therefore, it can be used as a natural remedy to prevent ulcer formation.

It accelerates the function of the digestive system. Therefore, it is one of the effective teas for weight loss.

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Horsetail, a natural remedy for urinary tract infection, which is one of the most common diseases, expels bacteria and viruses through urine. Eliminates signs of infection such as burning and itching.

It helps to dissolve the stones formed in the gall and kidneys. However, since it is consumed excessively, it prevents the functioning of the kidney glands.

Since it contains antiseptic and antibacterial, it is effective in renewing the deformed areas on the skin surface. It accelerates the healing of burns and wounds. The juice prepared like tea can be used as a tonic.

It also prevents shedding and wear of the hair washed with horsetail herb that is boiled.

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Put one and a half glasses of water on the stove. After boiling well, add two dried sprigs of horsetail and wait 10 minutes. Then filter it.

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