What are the benefits of horseradish? How to brew horseradish tea? What is the use of horseradish root oil?

Fennel, also known as Hazanbel, is especially good for stomach and intestinal diseases. Although it is not known very often, it is used as a medicine in alternative medicine for centuries. We have researched for you those who are curious about the horseradish, which removes the inflammation in the body through urine in a short time. So, what are the benefits of Egir grass? How to brew horseradish tea? What is the use of horseradish root oil?

The bluegrass, known as “Acorus calamus” in the scientific literature, is a monocotyledonous perennial herb. The fragrant leaves of the horseradish, which grows easily in wetlands, were used to make cosmetic materials. Black herb, which is used by drying in traditional medicine, can also be consumed instead of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg in some places. The homeland of the gentian, which belongs to the gentian family, is India. With the silk road trade, it spread to Asia, Europe and America. In addition to being used by Harem women thanks to its beautiful scent, it became an indispensable raw material for skin care products thanks to the antioxidant it contains. Its leaves are in the form of stripes, and it grows up to a maximum of 50 cm. Its smell is similar to tangerine, it is grown in front of the house as it prevents insects in the places where it is found. It is easily available in herbalists.

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Black horsetail is a very effective herb to regulate the slowing digestive system. By preventing the cells in the esophagus from being deformed, it allows the food to descend into the stomach without damaging it, and there it is properly ground and passed to the intestines. In addition, when consumed after meals, it ensures that the nutrients are transmitted to the blood and organs in the right way.

Since it is a powerful antioxidant, it dries up acid and inflammation in the body. Thus, it prevents gout and joint diseases. In addition, since it renews the cells in the immune system, it also prevents health problems such as sudden fever.

Excessive accumulation of water in the body impairs the functionality of the adrenal glands. This situation adversely affects all body organs. For this reason, experts recommend doing sports when too much water is consumed. Apart from that, he recommends consuming black herb tea to prevent water from being retained in the body.

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For boils or inflamed wounds in the eye, apply the boiled currant grass juice with the help of cotton. In a short time, it both removes inflammation and prevents diseases such as cataracts. It also prevents diseases such as eyelash root inflammation.

It cleans the residues left on the gums by gargling with currant juice. It not only prevents tooth loss by strengthening the root of the tooth, but also prevents the accumulation of dirt on the tooth surface and keeps it white.

Curcumin, which is the most natural drink for colitis disease, increases the functionality of the intestines. In addition, curvegrass renews the cells in the nerve center and prevents mental health problems such as fatigue and aggression.

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Spinach is usually consumed dried. Dried horseradish is crushed and powdered. A spoonful of powdered horseradish is added to a glass of water and left overnight. The next day, after boiling for 5 minutes, it is drained and consumed.


Thanks to its pleasant smell, the essential oil in the root is extracted. This oil, which is usually yellow in color, is especially used for skin diseases. It provides relief when applied to the neck and forehead during diseases such as headache, migraine and sinusitis. In addition, blackgrass root oil also reduces cravings for cigarettes.

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