What are the benefits of hibiscus? What does hibiscus tea do? How is hibiscus consumed?

Mallow, which has been classified as effective in pain relief among flowers for centuries, is a complete vitamin C. We have compiled for you everything you wonder about hibiscus, which is especially beneficial for health problems such as sore throat, cough and inflamed sputum. Hibiscus is usually consumed in tea form. What are the benefits of hibiscus? What does hibiscus tea do? How is hibiscus consumed?

Malva sylvestris, known scientifically as malva sylvestris, is a very healthy flower species that has been the subject of folk songs in Anatolia. Known for its purple and pink structure, hibiscus grows spontaneously in nature. Hibiscus, which emerges in the spring, is dried and consumed. Often used in alternative medicine, hibiscus is a powerful pain reliever. It is also known as mallow, cauldron black, ilbik or develangir among the people. In researches, hibiscus, which has 1500 species worldwide, shows a strong antioxidant effect in terms of vitamin C it contains.

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nutritional value of mallow

WHAT DOES hibiscus tea do?

  1. Serious throat infections caused by viruses and bacteria cause persistent sputum and cough. This has been a persistent situation often experienced post-coronavirus. That’s why experts recommend hibiscus tea, which contains antibacterial and antioxidant from the hibiscus style. Just a glass of hibiscus tea a day causes relief of the throat tracts.
  2. While preparing hibiscus tea, some experts recommend adding sage in it. The most important detail that you should pay attention to when making hibiscus tea is that the plant is not boiled in the water. Two teaspoons of dried hibiscus is thrown into a glass of boiled water. It is expected to brew. If you wish, you can put a teaspoon of hibiscus and a teaspoon of sage.

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hibiscus is a powerful pain reliever


  • Mallow, which is a very powerful antioxidant, is very effective in strengthening the immune system.
  • It increases the body’s resistance against diseases. It is especially recommended as an additional natural remedy in the treatment of bronchitis, flu and colds.
  • It removes the inflamed sputum accumulated in the throat at once by removing it. It reduces the irritation of the throat by coughing.
  • By maintaining the body’s heat balance, it prevents health problems such as fever. Experts say that hibiscus is the most natural antipyretic.
  • Hibiscus mouthwash is recommended for infection and inflammation in the mouth. When done 3 times a day, it even reduces the yellowing on the surface of dental plaques. It strengthens the tooth structure.
  • The ancients used hibiscus as a natural cleanser and pain reliever for cuts or health problems such as boils. Nowadays, it is used as a raw material for some pain relievers.
  • Seen as a very powerful pain reliever, hibiscus cleans the blood by reducing inflammation in the body.

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