What are the benefits of Güvem (Jackal) plum? How to consume Güvem plum?

Used as a natural remedy for breast cancer, especially in women, in researches, prune contains high levels of antioxidants. No one knows much about the prune, which has been consumed for centuries for health. That’s why we have researched everything that is curious about prune for you. So what are the benefits of Güvem (Jackal) plum? How to consume Güvem plum?

The scientific name of the mulberry, which belongs to the rose family, is Prunus Spinosa. Also known as coyote plum, it grows on thorny trees. It blooms white at first. The fruits turn purple as they ripen. There are many forest areas in our country. Mixed with aronia berry. But the two are different fruits from the same family. The prune, which is consumed frequently in the Thrace region, is called sloe prune among the people. Researches on the sour plum, which has a sour taste, revealed that it contains high levels of anticarcinogenic substances. Alternative medicine experts, who say it prevents breast cancer in particular, recommend it to be consumed by those with a family history of cancer. From the prune grown in autumn; juice, marmalade and jam are made. In addition, tea is made from the fruit. This tea also removes all toxins and fats from the blood. Since it contains zero fat, it is a fruit that can be easily consumed by diabetics. In ancient times, ink and cane were made on the branches of the tree where this fruit grows. Laundry was washed from the boiled water.

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Since it contains more antioxidant pigments than strawberries and plums, 100 grams of it cleans the cells with free radicals in the body, especially in the immune system. It prevents cells from mutating. By increasing the body’s resistance against diseases, it also creates a strong shield in the fight against cancer.

50 grams of prune is boiled to relieve common digestive problems such as loss of appetite and constipation. It acts as a natural medicine when consumed by filtering. It regulates the metabolism by increasing the functionality of the digestive organs.

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In particular, guvem tea cleans the fat and toxinous cells formed in the blood. It balances blood pressure. In addition, it prevents heart and vascular occlusion as it lowers bad cholesterol.

It also supports fat burning by accelerating the work of sweat glands without affecting body temperature. It can be a natural solution for those who want to lose weight. It also keeps you full for a long time. It supports a healthy life by cutting the body’s need for junk food.

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Diseases such as kidney and bladder cold, which are frequently experienced during seasonal changes, cause severe pain and make it difficult to go to the toilet. Since mulberry has antimicrobial properties, it protects kidney and bladder health. It passes in front of the formation of stones and sand. It is a very strong diuretic.

A natural medicine in the treatment of hemorrhoids, prunes are both applied by applying and drinking. It reduces the inflammation in the hemorrhoid breasts. It also prevents new formations.

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