What are the benefits of gunpowder bark? How to make a tea from gunpowder bark?

Did you know that gunpowder bark, which should not be consumed as soon as it is collected, actually has incredible benefits for human health? So what are the benefits of gunpowder bark? How to make a tea from gunpowder bark? We searched for the benefits of the miracle gunpowder bark, which relieves stomach ailments for you. You can find everything you wonder about gunpowder bark in the details of the news.

The bark of the gunpowder tree, which is peeled in the spring and dried in the summer, is consumed by making tea, especially in winter. However, the interior of the gunpowder tree is poisonous. Therefore, when these barks are removed from the tree, their inner parts are thoroughly cleaned. Experts emphasize that this shell should not be consumed with fresh, otherwise it may cause serious poisoning. The gunpowder tree, whose homeland is North Africa, belongs to the buckthorn family. Although it is a tree type, it does not grow very much. This tree has plum-like fruits. It has benefits from leaves to tree bark. It grows easily in May and June. The bark of the tree is a powerful remedy used in alternative medicine for stomachaches. Since it is a very slow growing tree species, it has been taken under protection in recent years.

  • Ancient civilizations used these shells for incense. They used this method because the smoke produced by the bark of the gunpowder tree was good for headaches, nausea and sleep problems. In some regions, these shells are called bitter cehre and akdiken.


  • It contains strong components such as Antraglycosides, tannin, saponin, bitter substances, sugary components, apple acid, frangul acid, glycofrangulin.


  • Since the shells are consumed fresh, they show a full poison effect. Therefore, it is collected and dried. It is consumed after one year. Alternative medicine experts recommend keeping it in hot water for 6 hours before consumption, then boiling for 10 minutes, straining and drinking. In addition, it is more beneficial for digestion when consumed before meals.

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  • It is a natural remedy for hemorrhoids in the breech area.
  • It reduces the risk of constipation by regulating digestion.
  • It is used as a natural medicine in the treatment of boils and cuts.
  • It supports the regeneration of the liver’s membrane and also supports the purification of harmful toxins.
  • It protects intestinal health by preventing the formation of parasites. It also prevents gas and swelling.
  • These shells, which have an antispasmodic effect, relieve spasms in the muscles.
  • It is an effective medicine against poisoning. At the same time, thanks to its emetic effect
  • By balancing blood circulation, it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and heart ailments.
  • While it supports the smooth functioning of the spleen, it also helps to secrete bile.
  • Cress has an effect as much as it accelerates metabolism.

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The shells should be kept for at least a year. Then it should be thoroughly washed, boiled for 10 minutes and consumed as such. After filtering, it should be consumed three times a day before meals, up to a tea glass. Prepared water can also be used as dressing and tonic. Those who have fast intestines should not consume it.

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