What are the benefits of green onions? What does green onion juice do?

Green onion, which is the indispensable flavor of cuts and salads, has many benefits for human health. The juice of green onions, which has a strong antioxidant feature, is a complete pain reliever. For you, we have searched for those who are curious about green onions, which belong to the onion family. What are the benefits of green onions? What does green onion juice do?

Green onions, which are consumed excessively in Far Eastern countries, have incredible benefits for human health. Green onions, which are indispensable in the kitchen, can be consumed both raw and cooked. The food that the dry onion brings to the surface of the soil and completes its development is green onions. Green onion, which is used in alternative medicine in the Far East, has a powerful feature such as removing all inflammation in the body. Green onions, which can be consumed from the white part to the tip, vary from soil to soil as a way of growing. While the onions grown in Asian countries are thick and wide like leeks, the green onions in our country are thinner and softer. It has rich vitamin and mineral values. It contains high amounts of A, C and beta carotene.

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100 grams of green onions;

calories / 34

Carbs / 4 grams

Fiber / 1.8 grams

Protein / 1.10 grams

Fat / 0.2 grams

Cholesterol / 0 milligrams

Sodium / 17 milligrams

Potassium / 212 grams

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It reduces digestive problems when boiled and consumed. It also removes the toxins accumulated in the body through the urine.

It prevents the accumulation of inflammation. It helps to easily remove the inflammatory edema accumulated between the muscles and bones due to uric acid from the body. It prevents the formation of edema.

It strengthens the immune system as it cleanses the body. It increases the number of healthy cells against diseases.

It is expectorant. It is effective in clearing the throat. Although it has a heavy odor, it provides regeneration of cells in the part up to the throat and esophagus. It prevents the environment that will pave the way for the formation of cancerous cells. It clears the inflammation in the lungs. It is a natural remedy against asthma attacks.

Thanks to the vitamin A it contains, it is as effective as carrots for the eyes. It balances the vitamin and fluid ratios in the eye.

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Since it contains low cholesterol, it is a food recommended by experts for heart patients. In some studies, it has been revealed that it prevents heart attacks, especially in young people.

It keeps the sugar level in the blood balanced.

It prevents the occurrence of diseases by strengthening the stomach wall. However, it is not recommended for people with stomach disease to consume too much.

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Stone and sand formation occurs in the kidneys due to the food wastes and the lack of fluid ratio. However, green onions are good for stone pains, both thanks to the high solvent minerals it contains and because of its high liquid content. Experts recommend that people who drop stones consume a glass of green onion juice a day.

Maggots or worms occur in the intestines for various reasons. This paves the way for serious inconveniences. A glass of green onion juice is a powerful food that helps to expel worms from the body.

Green onions are also very beneficial for the skin and hair.


Clean a bunch of green onions and cut them in half. Put it in a saucepan and add enough water to cover it and bring it to a boil. If you have any damage to your skin or if you have knee pain, put the green onions, which are well into the water, and stretch them and leave them for half an hour. Remove the water and consume a glass during the discomfort. Those with edema problems can consume it every morning by consulting their experts.

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