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Garlic, which has been recommended for colds for centuries, is a powerful antioxidant. We have searched for you who are curious about garlic, which is preferred in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It can be consumed raw or cooked. They are the first three foods rich in vitamin C in nature. However, it can cause serious health problems when consumed excessively. So what are the benefits of Garlic?

Garlic is the healthiest food discovered centuries ago. As garlic, which was grown in the Asian continent and used in medical treatments before, spread to other continents, its usage area expanded. Garlic grown in Kastamonu in our country has benefits for many diseases. In the report announced by the World Health Organization, most people do not consume garlic, which is at the top of the list of foods that every person should consume daily, because of its smell. It contains minerals such as selenium, germanium, sulfur, amino acids, as well as vitamins A, B1 and C. Garlic, which has a very strong antioxidant feature, is an effective food that protects the body against diseases and cancer, while supporting the regeneration of the body. It does not smell when swallowed raw without dividing. However, since garlic contains acid, it is useful to see an internal medicine doctor before consuming it. It is consumed in powder form as well as raw and cooked. It is obtained after drying fresh garlic and pounding it in a mortar. When it is powdered, the benefit of garlic, whose oil is removed, doubles. However, the benefits of ready-made garlic in the markets and garlic oiled at home are not the same. That’s why alternative medicine experts recommend homemade garlic powder.


Garlic, which has a strong antiseptic feature, cleans all the toxins in the body. That’s why experts say that it is one of the most effective foods against increasing viruses, especially at these times. It strengthens the immune system and neutralizes viruses that have entered the body or are in the body. Studies have shown that when garlic is consumed regularly, it even prevents the formation of cancer. It is not appropriate to cut the garlic, which is rich in vitamins C and E, with metal.

It regulates the adinopketin hormone in balancing blood sugar. In this way, it prevents type 2 diabetes. It maintains the glucose level in diabetic patients. It also regulates the blood level and ensures its flow in the veins. It strengthens the walls of the veins and prevents their narrowing or thinning. Thanks to these properties, it prevents cardiovascular diseases.

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Since it has high energy, it also benefits chronic fatigue. Especially today, increasing air pollution, unhealthy diet and tiredness due to intense work tempo also cause health problems such as excessive weight gain. However, garlic added to meals prevents these health problems. However, experts do not consider it appropriate to consume garlic on an empty stomach. It can negatively affect stomach acid. This paves the way for the beneficial garlic to cause health problems.

Vitamin E is essential for hair and skin. Garlic is very rich in this vitamin. It is especially beneficial for hair loss and skin wear, which increases in seasonal transitions. Twice a week, mix the crushed garlic with olive oil and apply it to the scalp. This mixture strengthens the hair roots.

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When HDL cholesterol rises, vascular access is blocked, which paves the way for heart diseases. Garlic powder prevents the increase of diseases by balancing this level.

Blood flow accelerates for a variety of reasons. This causes high blood pressure, stroke, and stroke. However, thanks to the anti-microbial content of garlic, it regulates blood pressure and prevents such health problems.

In a popular practice, it is believed that when garlic is divided into two and placed in areas such as the house or kitchen, the microbes in the environment are killed and the air is cleaned.

Being a very powerful anti-inflammatory, garlic relieves increased inflammation in the body caused by food waste and seasonal viruses. While doing this, it also cleans the urinary tract.

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Garlic, which contains sulfur, increases the resistance of the immune system. In people who do not have enough vitamins and minerals in their body, the immune system collapses quickly and invites diseases. That’s why experts recommend that even a healthy person consume garlic powder, which is effective even from antibiotics, during the day.

Free radicals affect metabolism badly. Since the slowed metabolism cannot perform the enzymes in the body, it causes lubrication. However, garlic powder is a powerful natural remedy that will prevent this health problem from occurring.

Imbalance in insulin resistance invites serious diseases called sugar and hidden sugar. Garlic powder is also good for this.


When consumed raw, it copes with infected cells more effectively. Garlic, which is especially effective in cleaning free radical cells in digestion, reduces the risk of stomach and intestinal diseases.

Some foods cause fat accumulation in the veins, which over time causes the veins to become clogged and increases the risk of heart diseases. However, thanks to the platelets it contains, garlic protects cardiovascular health by cleaning these accumulated fats.

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Garlic, which balances blood cells, balances sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that when garlic is consumed raw, the rate of mixing with the body is faster. Therefore, it shows the benefits in a short time.

Garlic is the most effective way to prevent diseases that are frequently experienced in the respiratory tract. Garlic strengthens the immune system and prevents stress, fatigue, flu and upper respiratory diseases.

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Raw garlic consumed with a spoonful of honey balances stomach acid. It also prevents bad breath. This information is known to very few people. Bad breath is usually caused by infections that accumulate in the esophagus, saliva and stomach. By suppressing the smell of garlic, honey reduces the number of infected cells that accumulate in the esophagus, saliva and stomach.

It prevents tumor formation by protecting the DNA structure of cells throughout the body. Thus, it reduces the chance of getting cancer. This feature is especially effective in breast cancer, lung and bowel cancers. Experts recommend that people with a family history of cancer consume plenty of garlic.

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In addition to being a useful food, it can cause serious health problems if not consumed carefully. It kills bacteria and viruses on the skin surface. However, when applied excessively, it disrupts the natural structure of the skin. It lowers the pH value. It can also increase the acid and mucus ratio in the stomach and intestines when consumed raw in an excessive amount. Heartburn can lead to vomiting or diarrhea. Experts also stated that the consumption of garlic is inconvenient for chronic patients who use regular medication.

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