What are the benefits of fig and olive oil mixture? The miracle mix of Ibn Sina…

The prescriptions suggested by the father of medicine, Ibn-i Sina, are a panacea. Underlining that every plant found in nature has a nutritional benefit, Ibn-i Sina’s mixture prepared with fig and olive oil, which is a cure-all, is recommended to everyone by today’s experts.

Ibn-i Sina, one of the pioneers of the medical science world, developed a treatment method for many health problems with herbs, fruits and vegetables obtained in nature. Sina, who wrote in her books that the body should be strengthened and immunity should be increased, underlined that it is the best way to prevent diseases. He made natural medicine for almost every disease with the mixtures he prepared. Most suggested a mixture of dry cayenne and olive oil. He said that this mixture increases the body’s resistance against diseases. Many scientists doing research against current diseases also recommend these mixtures of Avicenna.



250 grams of dried figs

1 liter of olive oil


Wash the figs thoroughly. Then cut into cubes. Put the cuts in a jar and pour the olive oil on it. Keep the jar in a dark place for 5 days. After five days, you can consume it twice, in the morning and in the evening.

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  • – When the mixture is made and consumed correctly, it strengthens the body’s immune system against cancerous cells. It also prevents the formation of cancerous cells.
  • – It reduces the complications of asthma and respiratory diseases.
  • – One of the effective fruits of autumn, figs reduce the risk of constipation by activating the intestines. It also accelerates the fat burning rate in the body. It also supports stomach health and reduces the incidence of diseases such as reflux and ulcers.
  • – When both figs and olives are strong antioxidants, this mixture is effective in cleansing the body.
  • – Strengthens bone and muscle structures and reduces the risk of diseases that are likely to be seen in older ages.
  • – Studies have shown that this mixture prevents breast cancer, which is mostly seen in women.
  • It also supports heart health in a positive way by maintaining the balance of blood.
  • – It also protects skin health by reducing toxinization in the liver.

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