What are the benefits of durian fruit? What diseases is durian good for? How is durian consumed?

We have researched for you what you wonder about the durian fruit, which is frequently consumed in Far Eastern countries but has the worst smell in the world. Durian fruit, which is not recommended to be consumed much by experts, increases the hemoglobin level considerably. However, when consumed in sufficient amounts during the day, it provides positive contributions to health. So what are the benefits of durian fruit? What diseases is durian good for? How is durian consumed? You can find the frequently asked questions about durian in the details of the news.

The durian fruit, which has the worst smell in the world, has 300 varieties in Indonesia, 100 varieties in Malaysia and 100 varieties in Thailand. However, Durio zibethinus is only found on the world market. Others are available for sale in their respective regions. The peel of this large fruit is thick and prickly. Its consumption is customary in Singapore. In its content, there is a meaty part in sections. This part of the fruit is consumed. The portions inside are quite juicy. It is available in green and brown colors. The tropical fruit durian is not dried or canned, but can be eaten fresh. Its tree rises up to 33 meters. However, it does not grow any further. The tree, which completes its development in an average of 8 years, rarely bears fruit. That’s why the fruits are sold very expensive. Durian, which is rich in vitamin C, is one of the ideal foods for dieters and sportsmen. However, since it can suddenly increase blood pressure, it is recommended to be consumed in limited numbers during the day. It is also high in fat content. Although beneficial, it can become harmful if consumed excessively. Some of the Asian countries have banned the use of durian on public transport due to its strong smell. It is often seen in street vendors. In addition, since it contains serotonin and melatonin, it is good for chronic insomnia.

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Being rich in potassium, durian fruit can control blood pressure. In this regard, durian fruit, which is good for cardiovascular diseases, also balances blood flow by providing electrolytes. However, it is not recommended to consume more than 100 grams per day.

Seen as a natural sleeping pill, durian fruit contains an amino acid called tryptophan. This acid supports the secretion of both melatonin and serotonin. Durian, which is ideal for those with chronic insomnia, can be consumed one hour before going to bed.

The durian fruit, which is rich in manganese, is thus a powerful antioxidant. It supports the production of iron and red blood cells that the body needs.

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Durian fruit, which is also very rich in vitamin C, which is necessary for a healthy body, strengthens immunity. Durian, which increases resistance to diseases, minimizes bacteria and infections in the body.

It contains a rich fiber, so dieters can consume it. However, it also contains high fat content. Therefore, attention should be paid to its consumption during the day. It can be consumed at once as a snack.

Regulates nerve cells. In this way, it is also good for mental illnesses. Durian fruit, which is especially good for depression, also removes free radicals in the body through urine.

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In ancient times, the bark was boiled and used to clean wounds. It is now added to cosmetic products. It increases the brightness of the skin as it provides cell renewal.

It strengthens the bone and muscle structure. It reduces the conditions that pave the way for the occurrence of diseases.

In some studies, it is said that it is good for epilepsy patients because it calms the nerves.

One serving of durian easily meets 20 percent of the folic acid the body needs. Folic acid is also effective in improving motor movements.

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