What are the benefits of dried Trabzon (Paradise) dates? How to consume dried persimmon?

One of the indispensable tastes of the winter months, Trabzon, also known as the date of paradise, has the benefits of dried as well as fresh. We have researched for you those who are curious about the dried persimmon, which prevents digestive system diseases. Persimmon is also high in fiber and vitamin A. So what are the benefits of Dried Trabzon (Paradise) dates?

The scientific name of the persimmon, which is Diospyros kaki, changes depending on where it is grown. It also has names such as Japanese date, paradise date and Mediterranean date. It is considered a tropical climate zone fruit. Persimmon grown on trees was first grown in Hatay in our country. Nowadays, the most delicious and hardest is found in Hatay. However, most planting is done in the Black Sea region. Although it resembles orange in color, it is a food that softens over time. Worldwide, the dates produced by China are mostly used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories. Persimmon, which is as rich as carrots in terms of vitamin A, is consumed both fresh and dried. The fiber content of dried persimmons increases. The persimmon, which contains the fibers necessary for the digestive system, prevents the occurrence of diseases that are likely to occur, especially in the intestines.

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– In the winter months, the intestines become lazy and health problems such as constipation increase. In order to prevent this health problem, especially seen in older ages, the consumption of foods that work the intestines should be increased. One of them is dried persimmon. Being rich in fiber, persimmon increases functionality and reduces problems such as colitis or knots. It also does not allow food residue in the intestines.

– Strengthens the stomach wall. It helps to grind the food. In order to prevent post-meal bloating, it is recommended to consume one persimmon immediately after a meal. Persimmon increases the functionality of the stomach.

– Dried persimmon, which is rich in natural sugar that the body desires, balances sugar in the blood. Increases energy level throughout the day. In addition, dried persimmon containing protein strengthens the immune system. It prevents the immune system from increasing cytocin, that is, protein storm. It naturally provides the fight against the virus.

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– In its raw and dry form, it prevents constipation and also prevents diarrhea when cooked and consumed. The persimmon, which is a cure-all, is also beneficial for the gallbladder and liver. It contains enough vitamin C to help remove toxins from the body.

– Balances blood pressure. It reduces the risks of high or low blood pressure. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Experts generally recommend that heart patients should consume this nutrient during the winter months.

– Like any food rich in vitamin A, persimmons prevent eye diseases. By balancing the fluid level in the eye

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Dried persimmon, which is consumed like any dried food, can also be used in kitchens for making bread and pastries. Dried persimmon, which can be boiled and consumed in tea, can be consumed with yogurt as a snack, especially for those who pay attention to their weight. You can see the benefits listed above by consuming one at most two after breakfast.

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