What are the benefits of dill grass? What happens if you consume dill for 1 week?

Dill, which is consumed as a salad after squeezing lemon with meals, actually has many benefits for human health. Dill, which is of Asian origin, also helps to lose weight by consuming it with yogurt and garlic. We have researched for you what you wonder about dill, which has a strong smell. So what are the benefits of dill grass? What happens if you consume dill for 1 week? Here are the answers to the questions:

You can consume dill, which is used in meals and salads, both in the form of leaves and seeds. For centuries, this herb has been used in herbal medicine. It is known that the ancient Egyptians used this herb in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetic products. In ancient Greek history, it was used to heal the wounds of soldiers injured in war. Experts suggest that it should be consumed regularly for a week to understand the benefits of this beneficial herb. In our country, dill is generally consumed by drying. Dill, which belongs to the Parsley family, is a cultivar. It is often used in tzatziki and meat dishes, thanks to its self-growing dill taste and smell. Dill, which is used by extracting its oil in some regions, cleans the toxins in the body thanks to the essential oils it contains. There are two varieties of dill, whose homeland is Asia. The separation of wild and garden dill should be done well, otherwise wild dill will cause poisoning. In Aegean cuisine, it is thrown on them freshly to give a pleasant smell to the dishes.

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Containing essential oil at the tip of its leaves, this herb increases the rate of bile and digestive fluid. It also activates the peristaltic substances in the intestines, reducing the risk of disorders such as constipation.

Flavonoids and B vitamins reduce the cells in the nerves, allowing the body to calm down. Thanks to this feature, it provides more secretion of melatonin hormone and regulates night sleep.

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The calcium in dill grass is higher than the calcium in milk. Thanks to this feature, this herb, which has 2 times more benefits for bone development, experts recommend that children and pregnant women should consume it.

In the researches, it has been determined that the dill grown close to the rivers is very rich in antidepressant and analgesic substances. Thanks to this feature, dill has been used as a natural remedy for disorders such as depression.

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Dill is also one of the foods that diabetics can easily consume, as it regulates insulin levels in the blood.

Dill is also very beneficial for women. Dill, which is especially good for the pain they experience at the beginning of the month, also regulates this separation cycle and helps them to get rid of inflamed cells in this way.

This herb, which was used as a disinfectant in ancient times, removes all the microbes in the body through the urine for a week.

By protecting oral and dental health, it also prevents bad breath and tooth inflammation. It whitens teeth, especially when consumed regularly.


You can consume dill weed raw if you want. Pouring lemon and salt on it also creates an anti-inflammatory effect. Or you can brew dried dill leaves like tea. If you drink this tea in a bar a day, you will regulate your sleep. It can add both flavor and healing to your soups and meals.

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