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We have searched for you some unknown facts about chocolate, which has been explained to be both beneficial and harmful. Some studies say that the healthiest chocolate is dark. Dark chocolate, which is thought to provide natural benefits especially for psychological diseases, increases the hormone of happiness. So what are the benefits of dark chocolate? In the details of the news:

Dark chocolate, which is said to be harmful because it is seen as a junk food, has actually been revealed in researches that it is quite beneficial, contrary to what is known. After numerous studies, it was said that dark chocolate contributes vitamins and minerals to the body because it contains less sugar and less than other chocolates. In addition, in another study, it was observed that it reduced cholesterol-related cardiovascular diseases by 60 percent. Some experts emphasize that dark chocolate reduces the number of harmful cells in the blood, thanks to the flanovol substance it contains, and halves the risk of stress and depression, as it protects the health of nerve cells that go to the brain. When you buy dark chocolate, it is absolutely necessary to check the part they contain. Otherwise, processed and added dark chocolates will not benefit. At the same time, experts warn that a maximum of 2-3 pieces should be consumed when dark chocolate is consumed, as in every food.

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Since it contains processed fat, it causes fatty liver when consumed excessively. This causes acne and pimple formation on the skin. At the same time, it increases the oil level of the skin and disrupts the pH value.

Chocolate is effective in secreting the hormone serotonin. Serotonin hormone gives happiness and reduces the person’s mental illness. Chocolate, which increases the serotonin hormone, which is effective for the body, indirectly provides benefits for disorders such as depression and stress.

Among the chocolate varieties, dark chocolate is more beneficial than white, since it is pure. Especially dark chocolate reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also prevents high blood pressure by lowering blood pressure.

Apart from dark chocolate, other types of chocolate trigger headaches. Since it contains substances that trigger migraine, some experts warn that people with migraine should not consume it.

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WHAT 150 grams of dark chocolate provide to the body during the day

13 grams of dietary fiber

72 percent of iron need

63 percent of magnesium needs

94 percent of copper need

It also provides 45 percent of the daily needed potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium substances.


Dark chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants, provides support in cleansing the body from toxins. At the same time, it prevents the increase of bad cholesterol by preventing oxidation in the blood.

The nitrite substance it contains prevents the hardening of the vessels and provides support for more comfortable blood flow. In addition, the nitrite substance ensures that blood pressure does not rise.

Since it has a low glycemic index, it reduces insulin resistance, thus controlling blood sugar.

It is also good for dry cough, especially in winter. When melted and consumed in a warm way, it reduces the infection that causes cough. It provides more comfortable breathing by reducing the damage in the throat.

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It gives a feeling of saturation when consumed in 2 parts. In this way, it helps in weight loss. In addition, since it contains saturated fat, it does not make fat. Dietitians usually add it to the diet list so that the person does not experience a sweet crisis.

Psychiatrists, on the other hand, recommend dark chocolate as an anti-depressant drug to their patients under stress and intense depression. Dark chocolate gives a feeling of happiness by increasing the endorphin and serotonin hormones in the brain. It is especially recommended for women during pregnancy and menstruation.

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Just like garlic and onion, it is an effective food in fighting cancer because it contains high antioxidants. Since it prevents the division of cells, it prevents the formation of cancerous tumors.

It is one of the rare foods that provides one hundred percent of the energy that the body needs throughout the day. When consumed with yogurt or coffee before sports, it increases the performance of the body.

It is also effective in skin and hair care. Mask made of dark chocolate increases the shine of hair and skin. It also reduces aging by reducing dead cells.

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