What are the benefits of cumin? What diseases is cumin good for? How to make cumin tea?

Cumin, which is the main ingredient of Indian cuisine, is used to flavor many dishes. In addition, cumin has many benefits for human health. Cumin, which has a gas-reducing and stomach-relieving effect, is a miracle spice for digestive diseases. It can be used in grain and powder form. So what are the benefits of cumin? What diseases is cumin good for? How to make cumin tea? We have added everything about cumin to the details of the news for you.

Cumin with small seed particles gives a wonderful flavor to dishes. Cumin, which makes the taste of meat dishes better, is often used in Mediterranean countries. As beneficial as it is delicious, this seed is rich in folates, niacin, pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamins A, C, E, and K. It is also known as beta carotene store. Cumin, which belongs to the parsley family, matures in the spring, but is mostly consumed by making tea in the autumn and winter months. The seeds obtained from the plant that opens like an umbrella are collected. It is dried and consumed as a spice. It is immediately evident in the environment with its smell. Cumin containing essential oil, tannin and resin is often recommended in alternative medicine for digestive diseases. It is used in kebab dishes to give a different taste to meat. The taste is slightly bitter and harsh.

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Cumin, which is a strong iron store, is used as a natural remedy for anemia.

It is very effective in calming conditions such as acne, flaking and irritation on the skin. When mixed with vinegar and applied to the skin, it alleviates acne and acne problems. Cumin, which is rich in vitamin E, prevents wrinkles, aging and sagging.

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It supports healthier hair growth. By renewing its root, it prevents shedding and wear and makes it look brighter and livelier. When mixed with the oil obtained from black cumin and olive oil and massaged into the hair after the bath, it resets the shedding and also grows new hair.

It restores the sugar level in the blood and reduces the risks of diabetes.

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It treats anemia thanks to its homeglobin content. In addition, it maintains the oxygen level and balances the intra-body blood level.

It regulates menstruation times.

It relieves upper respiratory ailments especially in winter months. It speeds up metabolism and facilitates digestion. It helps to remove toxins in the body through the urine.

When consumed as a tea, it is good for gas vomiting, diarrhea and stomach ailments. It maintains the health of the kidneys.

It removes inflammation and toxins in the liver.

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Boil 10 cumin seeds with 2 glasses of water. Add some black pepper to sweeten it. This tea, which has the effect of vitamin C, strengthens your body against winter diseases.

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