What are the benefits of crying, it relieves pain!

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Crying is one of our most human actions, where we express our emotions. No matter why one is crying out of joy or sadness, this action relaxes and makes one feel better. The feeling of relaxation is not imaginary. There are many scientific studies on the benefits of crying on the body.

Crying is a healthy act

Crying is indeed a very healthy act, and holding back your tears will do you much more harm. Suppressing and swallowing your emotions will wreak havoc on you. As a result, you may suffer from physical ailments. Don’t let this happen. Cry whenever you need.

Beneficial for the mind

Undoubtedly, crying has many benefits for your mind. For this reason, even though people have a lot of different opinions about crying and tell you not to cry, don’t listen to them.

Relieves pain

Crying releases endorphins. Endorphin is a hormone that gives people joy and is already known as one of the hormones of happiness. In addition to providing joy, endorphins also provide a benefit is that it reduces pain.

Good for bone ailments

Crying is good for heart and vascular diseases as well as stomach, bone and muscle diseases. By crying, you can get rid of some of the hormones that cause this type of discomfort from your body.

Mood can improve very quickly after crying

In a study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, it was found that the mental health of people who cried improved much more quickly. It was observed that crying, especially after happiness, had a maximum positive effect on mental health.

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