What are the benefits of crowbar grass? When consumed with yogurt…

Goosefoot grass, which is collected and consumed as tea after its leaves are dried or boiled and cooked in ancient times, has incredible benefits. It is recommended to be consumed with yogurt. So what are the benefits of crowbar grass? Which diseases is it good for? We have researched what you need to know about crowbar grass, which is effective in cleaning the intestines. You can find everything about crowbar grass in the details of the news.

Crowbar, also known as gooseneck, kerosene and crazy parsley, is a herb belonging to the parsley family. It is seen in green, brown and red colors. The leaf parts of the herb are rich in essential oil. Goosefoot grass, which grows spontaneously almost everywhere in the Aegean region, resembles parsley in appearance. However, it is not a full leaf like the tip of parsley, but rather cut. Goosefoot grass, which can be consumed raw, has a bitter and different aroma. It is generally consumed by blending with olive oil, seasoning and breaking eggs on it. Ya sa is prepared as a pastry and eaten as such. It is cooked with bulgur or rice. It is recommended by dietitians to boil it and pour garlic with yoghurt on it and consume it as a snack. In some regions, pickles are made. Goosefoot grass, which starts to grow in winter and is found until May, provides many benefits to human health.

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Crowbar, which is rich in antiseptic and phosphorus, protects stomach health. It prevents cramps and contractions, especially by protecting the cells in the stomach wall. Although the discomfort of vomiting may seem simple, in fact, frequent vomiting even causes esophageal cancer. Goosefoot grass renews the cells in the stomach and reduces the complications that will cause vomiting.

When it is boiled and consumed with yogurt, it gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. Thanks to this feature, it is one of the foods that helps in weight loss. By increasing the energy rate of the body, it prevents situations such as fatigue and stress during the day.

It is good for the whole digestive system as well as stomach health. In particular, it prevents constipation by balancing the intestinal flora. At the same time, it also reduces the discomforts that negatively affect the quality of life, such as gas entrapment.

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Thanks to its antibacterial feature, it reduces the effect of bacteria entering the body. It helps to excrete through the urinary tract. Crowbar, which strengthens immunity, creates a shield against diseases. Ancient people often consumed dishes made from this herb, especially during the winter months. It also strengthens bones and muscles.

You can clean your skin with the water that comes out when it is boiled. Thanks to the acidic feature it contains, it purifies the pores on the skin surface from dirt and provides tightening. It is also very effective in areas with cellulite or cracks. In ancient times, the wounds of soldiers were cleaned with the juice of crowbar grass.

It also calms the scalp and prevents dandruff formation. It supports the hair to be brighter and livelier.

It destroys bacteria that negatively affect the body, such as worms and tapeworms that appear in the intestines.

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