What are the benefits of cranberry? What does cranberry juice do?

Cranberry mixed with blueberry is actually a fruit of foreign origin. Cranberry, which resembles cranberry in appearance, is a very powerful antioxidant. Thanks to this feature, it has many benefits to the body. So what are the benefits of cranberry? Which diseases is it good for? In the detail of the news, you can find everything about the cranberry.

Crane fruit belonging to the cranberry family oxycoccusgrows on the plant. Cranberry known as. It grows in woodlands in small thickets. Cranberry grown in North America is a very powerful antioxidant. It grows easily in the Black Sea climate in our country. Since it has a bitter taste, it cannot be consumed in its pure form. Experts on cranberry, which is processed by drying, emphasize that diabetic patients should definitely not use it. It consists of 95 percent antioxidant substances. At the 2015 world-wide health conference, it was announced that consuming this fruit will reduce antibiotics. It is especially recommended for consumption during seasonal transitions. It is rich in vitamins A, C and E, as well as iron, beta-carotene and fiber. It has been observed that the immune system of the person who consumes five cranberries a day is quite resistant to diseases. Crane grown in acidic waters is consumed by adding it to cakes, muffins, pastries and breads.

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Urinary tract infection, which is more common in women than in men, brings with it various diseases. Advanced urinary tract infection can even increase the rate of infertility. That’s why experts emphasize that anti-inflammatory foods benefit this disease. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition In a study published in the journal , it was revealed that consuming a glass of cranberry juice every day can reduce the symptoms of recurrent urinary tract infections, especially in women. Cranberry juice, which is accepted as a natural antibiotic almost everywhere in the world, is the main enemy of viruses and bacteria. Cranberry juice, which increases the body’s resistance by strengthening immunity, has been used in the treatment of diseases such as fever, stress and sleep disorders.

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Since it contains high antioxidants, it prevents the veins from clogging due to toxins entering the body with some nutrients. In addition, by making the layer softer, it causes a comfortable blood flow. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Cranberry, which is a strong vitamin store, increases the body’s resistance against diseases. It removes the infected cells from the body through the urinary tract. Cranberry, which protects cells against bacteria, prevents cancer diseases by preventing cells from mutating.

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When uric acid accumulates in bones and muscles, it causes diseases such as rheumatism and edema. Crane nut balances the uric acid ratio and reduces the risk of this situation. It is also a nutrient that strengthens bones. Therefore, it is recommended to be consumed by athletes.

In particular, the omega-3 fatty acids in the kernel reduce bad cholesterol. In addition, it prevents the nervous system from being deformed. By strengthening the memory lobes in the brain, it increases concentration and reduces forgetfulness. It prevents Alzheimer’s, which is likely to be seen in advanced ages.

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It prevents the accumulation of microbes in the mouth. It strengthens the gums. Balances stomach acid. It prevents nutrients from remaining as waste in the body. In this way, mouth odor is not experienced.

It is recommended to be consumed by women during menstrual periods. In this process, it regulates hormones.

It prevents the accumulation of food in the intestines. Increases the working function of the large intestine. Thus, it prevents problems such as constipation. Thanks to its high fiber, it has the feature of keeping it full for a long time. In this way, it is a food that can be consumed comfortably by those who want to lose weight.

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