What are the benefits of cranberry? What diseases are cranberries good for?

Did you know that cranberry fruit, which is rich in vitamin C, has incredible benefits for human health? We have searched for you everything that is curious about cranberry, which has started to take its place on the counters since autumn and is made with juice or jam. So what are the benefits of Cranberry? What diseases are cranberries good for? You can find the answers to all these questions in the details of the news.

Cranberry, also known as adolescence, grows in a tree species belonging to the Cornaceae family. In February and March, its yellow flowers bloom in summer. The fruit, which fully matures in autumn, takes its place on the counters in these months. The fruit with a sour taste is consumed in fresh or dried form. Usually tarhana, compote, jam or juice is extracted and consumed. In Anatolia, it is called as ‘geren’, ‘kiren’ or ‘kiran’. Cranberry, which contains high fiber, is very good for digestive diseases. Cranberry, which grows easily in loamy soils and forest areas, grows again by pouring its own seeds. The biggest benefit of cranberry to human health is that it supports the production of the hormone melatonin. In this way, it provides a comfortable sleep when consumed a few hours before bedtime. It is rich in vitamins A, C, E and K. It also contains substances such as riboflavin, pyridoxine and thiamine that the body needs. Cranberry juice is especially effective in oral and dental health.

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Urinary tract infection, which is one of the diseases that are not taken seriously, causes health problems when it progresses. One of the natural ways that is good for this ailment that needs to be intervened early is cranberry juice. Cranberry juice also supports comfortable urination by clearing all infections in the urinary tract.

Cardiovascular balance is very important for heart health. It causes occlusion of unbalanced cardioscular vessels. In addition, it prepares the ground for the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the veins and prepares the environment for serious health problems. However, thanks to the high antioxidant content of cranberry, it reduces the risk of experiencing these health problems.

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Studies have shown that cranberry prevents cells from mutating. It especially reduces the risk of cancers such as colon, prostate, and breast. Therefore, it is recommended to be consumed regularly.

Another common disease is caused by the mouth and teeth. These diseases even cause tooth loss. Infected cells accumulated in the mouth due to food wastes prepare the ground for decay. However, according to studies, it has been determined that cranberry juice prevents the accumulation of infection in the mouth, especially in the salivary glands.

Cranberry juice, which also prevents respiratory infections that are frequently experienced in winter, strengthens immunity by reducing the effects of viruses and bacteria. It is recommended to consume cranberry juice prepared for sore throat and swelling by adding a cinnamon stick to it.

Cranberry, which increases the functionality of the intestines, eliminates frequently experienced digestive problems such as constipation. It prevents the formation of stones and sand by increasing the functioning of the kidney glands. It allows the formed to be easily removed from the body.

It has a very strong sedative property. It renews the nervous system by regulating sleep, which is the most important activity for brain health. It increases mental activity.

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People who use coagulation drugs should consult their experts before consuming them. In addition, it is not recommended to be consumed without consulting specialists in those with blood thinners and heart rhythm disorders or panic attacks.

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