What are the benefits of chocolate, it lowers cholesterol and improves memory!

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Chocolate, which is one of the subjects of sweet crises, is a snack that everyone, especially women, often craves and wants to consume, no matter how much you pay attention to a healthy diet. So why do you want to eat chocolate often? Here are those reasons…


Dietitian and Nutritionist Lorraine Kearney explains: “When you leave too many gaps between meals, your blood sugar drops and you need energy. Because sweet foods raise the energy level quickly, we inevitably want sugary things. However, in this case, chocolate is not the right choice. Fast “The energy that rises somehow, will decrease at the same rate and you will want to consume more. It is best not to leave large gaps between meals, to consume foods with high fiber content that keeps blood sugar balanced.”


According to Kearney, many more people are deficient in magnesium than you might think. Chocolate is a very rich food in terms of this mineral. A small square of chocolate contains 41 milligrams of magnesium. Women need an average of 320 grams of magnesium per day. So what should you do about it? You should prefer natural chocolates that have not been processed too much. Because as cocoa is processed, the magnesium ratio decreases. If you are experiencing symptoms such as muscle pain, anxiety and insomnia, you should consult a specialist and have your magnesium levels checked.


According to studies, 50 percent of women experience a chocolate crisis when their period approaches. Although there is no biological fact to explain this, we probably resort to chocolate during this period to boost our energy and feel a little happier.


The stress of work life is also one of the factors that cause you to crave chocolate. If the coffee you drink no longer works, you can take shelter in chocolate. When we are stressed or anxious, we can keep feel-good foods handy. Kearney explains our choice of chocolate in this situation: “When a carb touches our slice, we release dopamine and the part of our brain that is triggered by reward and pleasure wakes up. We forget everything with chocolate the moment we look away, but it takes a very short time. Then we look for happiness again.”


Do you absolutely consume chocolate or something with chocolate every day? So this is a habit you should quit. You no longer consume because you need it, but because it has become your routine. You should immediately replace it with a healthy snack.


Now that you’ve identified the reasons for your chocolate craving, we have some good news for you. Cocoa is a rich source of antioxidants. Studies show that chocolate lowers cholesterol and improves your memory.

However, the handicap is that the packaged products you eat do not quite carry the nutritional properties of chocolate. On the contrary, because it is full of sugar, it affects your health in a bad way. Experts say that to benefit from chocolate, chocolates containing at least 70% cocoa should be preferred. Don’t eat more than a few pieces though.

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