What are the benefits of cherry? What does cherry juice do? How to make cherry stem tea?

Cherry juice, which has a strong toxin removal feature, is a healthy way to lose weight. Cherry, which has a taste between sour and sweet, is the fruit that almost everyone prefers to consume. Since it is found in a certain period, people usually dry it, make jam or remove the water, making it long to be consumed for a long time. So what are the benefits of Cherry? How to make cherry stem tea?

In addition to sweets and beverages, there are 270 varieties of sour cherry, which is also used in the pharmaceutical industry in terms of the vitamins it contains. However, 4 types are consumed in terms of health. It also has a sour taste. Cherry, which belongs to the rose family, is constantly mixed with the cherry fruit. However, the cherry is larger and more mature than the cherry. It has a brighter and more pinkish color than red with spots on the surface. Cherry blooming in the first month of spring begins to bear fruit in May. Sour cherry whose scientific name is Prunus Cerasus; It is also consumed by extracting its juice or making jam. There are several varieties of sour cherry, which begins to bear fruit as of July. Kütahya sour cherry is preferred more in our country. Apart from that, there are varieties such as montmonrency, hungarian and mule cherries in America. They differ in their shape and taste. Cherry trees live for about 50 years. However, since it is a very delicate fruit, care should be taken even when it is picked. It is consumed immediately.

  • Experts state that the stem of the cherry fruit also has many health benefits.


  • In researches, it has been observed that regularly consumed dried cherry stalk tea increases the body’s resistance to diseases.


  • Sour cherry is the most effective natural food in reducing inflammation and getting rid of inflammation.


  • The sour cherry, whose homeland is Anatolia and the Balkans, is very rich in vitamin A.


  • Cherry, which is a powerful antioxidant, removes free radicals accumulated in the body. At the same time, it strengthens the immune system and increases the body’s resistance against diseases experienced especially during seasonal transitions.
  • It makes the adrenal glands work. In this way, it increases the fluid rate in the body and supports the functioning of the organs. Excess fluid in the body is necessary not only for the functions of the organs but also for the skin. It reduces the number of wrinkles and anti-aging cells in the skin.
  • The high vitamin A it contains is indispensable for both eye and brain health. When the ratio of fluid and vitamins in the eye decreases, serious diseases that cause vision loss occur. For this, both the liquid and the vitamins must be high. In addition, vitamin A, which is necessary for the circulation of nerve cells in the body, reduces the risk of sudden-onset diseases such as forgetfulness or cerebral hemorrhage, which may occur in the brain.
  • Vascular narrowing and occlusion pave the way for serious diseases. However, sour cherry cleans the inside of the vein and prevents its narrowing by strengthening the vascular wall. This reduces the likelihood of heart disease.
  • A glass of sour cherry juice consumed on an empty stomach balances stomach acid, facilitates digestion, prevents the proliferation of intestinal flora, increases body energy and ensures that the person stays full for a long time during the day. At the same time, thanks to the ingredients in the cherry, it also has blood-forming properties.

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Consuming a glass of tea made from sour cherry stalk, which is rich in potassium, cleans the kidneys and bladder. Thus, diseases that are likely to occur in the kidneys are prevented.

It strengthens immunity by eliminating vitamins and anemia that almost everyone complains about today. People with stronger immunity have a reduced risk of developing cancer.

Thanks to its antioxidant feature, it removes harmful toxins caused by food wastes in the esophagus and stomach through the urine.

A tea glass of cherry stalk consumed every night before going to bed allows you to have a comfortable sleep, while also renewing the deformed cells in the skin during sleep.

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When it is consumed due to upper respiratory tract diseases, it has the effect of sweating and both clears the inflammation in the throat and ensures that harmful toxins are easily excreted through sputum.

It relieves discomfort such as constipation, bloating and stomachaches caused by fatty and carbohydrate foods.

In addition to the calcium vitamin it contains, it calms the nerve cells with its sour taste; It reduces the risk of developing psychological disorders such as depression and stress.


Boil 1 pinch of dried cherry stalk with 3 glasses of water for 15-20 minutes. Consume one to two glasses a day, depending on your discomfort. At the same time, people suffering from heel cracking should pour the water they have prepared into a bucket and wait for their feet within 20 minutes.

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Due to its high acid content, it causes heartburn when consumed excessively. This paves the way for gas compression. It also increases the acidity in the body. Heartburn can also bring serious health problems. The most dangerous of these is diarrhea. Because excessive diarrhea leads to fluid loss in the body.

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