What are the benefits of cherries? What does a cherry stem do? How to make cherry stem tea?

Cherry, which was seen as a beauty elixir in ancient times, is the harbinger of summer. We researched everything about the cherry, which is a complete source of healing. The cherry itself, which benefits many health problems from skin health to digestive problems, had benefits as well as the stem. It supports easy weight loss by renewing digestion. What are the benefits of cherries? How to make cherry stem tea?

Cherry, which is called the romantic fruit around the world, is the harbinger of summer months. Cherry, which has a fleshy pulp on the outside, has benefits for human health up to its stems. Jam, dessert, fruit juice and marmalade sauce are made from cherries, which are kept on the counters for a short time. It grows on the shores of the Mediterranean and likes the temperate season. Cherry, which has been used frequently since ancient times, was regarded as a fruit that increased the birth rate in Greek history. In Chinese history, cherry juice was considered the elixir of eternity. Cherry, which is praised in many mythological stories, is cooked in our country, especially in Giresun, with the name “cherry salty roast”. A handful of cherries cleanses the body and quenches thirst. Cherry, which belongs to the rose family, is called ornamental plum in some places. It tastes exactly neither sour nor sweet. Cherry, which has a taste called tart, is the indispensable fruit of the summer months.

  • Cherry, which should be consumed early in the summer months, is the most ideal natural remedy for insomnia and migraine pains.
  • Thanks to the antioxidant it contains, it has the effect of preventing many ailments from oral digestion, from digestion to the skin.

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Thanks to its high antioxidant, cherries, which enable nerve cells to shop more healthily, benefit from the most common insomnia problem in terms of this benefit.

There are many conditions that trigger Alzheimer’s disease. Experts emphasized that cherry is the most beneficial fruit in their research for this disease, which occurs especially in advanced ages and reduces the quality of daily life of the person.

High blood pressure increases the risk of developing diseases such as stroke and stroke, as well as high blood pressure. However, cherry balances blood pressure thanks to the boron and anthocyanins it contains.

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A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet adversely affect muscle and bone health. This is one of the reasons why muscle pain increases especially after the age of 30. This causes the person to feel tired and restricts body movements, but cherry reduces the accumulation of toxins in the muscles and bones thanks to the flavonides it contains.

Aging and non-renewal of cells trigger skin diseases. In particular, the loss of vitamins by hair cells causes weakening of the root. This leads to conditions such as wear, shedding and weakening. At the same time, the dermis of the skin weakens and the skin’s self-repair is prevented. However, cherry supports the regeneration of cells thanks to the antioxidant it contains.

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Excessive accumulation of uric acid in the body causes gout. This leads to unbalanced swelling and edema in some parts of the body. Cherry is an effective natural food in reducing this increased uric acid rate in the blood. Cherries reduce this risk by preventing the increase of uric acid.

Since it is a powerful vitamin C, it supports the regeneration of cells and prevents them from mutating. Thus, it reduces the incidence of cancer diseases. Cherry is especially beneficial for cancer diseases in the colon and intestines.

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It is a strong diuretic.

It lowers bad cholesterol.

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body.

It regulates digestion and metabolism.

It helps in weight loss.


There is no serious harm. However, some people’s immune systems may react against the cherry’s vitamins, causing an allergic reaction. This is manifested by symptoms such as redness on the skin, sores around the mouth, swelling in the tongue.

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