What are the benefits of chaste seed? If you eat a mixture of chaste seeds and honey..

Chaste seed, which has been used in the medical treatment of women since ancient times, increases breast milk and balances hormonal disorders in menopause and menstrual periods. So what are the benefits of chaste seed? In alternative medicine for centuries, chaste seed is seen as the most natural medicine against cancer. We have researched the chasteberry plant and its seed, which is not known to everyone but is a miracle plant.

Chaste seed grows in Southern Anatolia in our country. The chaste seed, which has a nice smell, is used in personal care products as well as in the perfume industry. The honey that bees make from the pollen of this plant is known to cure many diseases and even strengthen the immune system against cancerous cells. The use of chasteberry dates back to Ancient Greece and is used as a natural remedy in medicine. Belonging to the enamel flower family, the chaste seed is similar to lavender in appearance. This plant, which grows in seaside and rocky areas, generally in loamy texture, neutral and slightly alkaline, low in lime, without salinity effect, containing varying amounts of organic matter, rich in nitrogen and nitrogen, rich in phosphorus, deficient in potassium, is a full vitamin store. Its roots are used in the rope dyeing industry. The leaves and seeds collected from the plant, which looks like a bush, are dried and used.

  • Increases fertility. Increases breast milk.
  • Balances hormones.
  • It cleans the parasites in the intestines.
  • It prevents cancer.
  • When mixed with honey and consumed, it supports the cleansing of the liver.


It is a plant that is recommended to be consumed by expectant mothers. Because chaste seed increases breast milk. It also increases the vitamin and mineral values ​​in breast milk.

Hormonal problems, especially in women depression due to disability and reduces the likelihood of experiencing stress disorders. It also reduces the severity of conditions during menopause.

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– In some people, sweating turns into a disease. Chaste seed helps the sweat glands to work more accurately, preventing excessive fluid loss and preventing the body from smelling bad.

In some studies, it is the most effective natural medicine in the treatment of common gynecological diseases such as chocolate cyst.

It has antidote properties against the stings of poisonous animals.

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It supports the urinary excretion of intestinal parasites that cause diarrhea. It is a powerful gas remover.

The unbalanced hormones that occur due to the menstrual period experienced by almost every woman at the beginning of the month pave the way for many health problems. When chaste seed is consumed regularly during and after this period, it balances the hormones. At the same time rIt is good for severe aches and pains experienced during menstrual periods.

It also has a direct effect on skin health. Especially in oily skin, it stops the increasing blackhead formation in the t zone. Thanks to its anti-aging effect, it reduces acne and acne problems on the skin. It makes the skin look healthy.

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It relieves indigestion after fatty and carbohydrate meals. It also improves digestive functions. It prevents any health problems by balancing the intestinal flora.

Chaste seeds strengthen the uterine walls. Thanks to this feature, it reduces the risk of miscarriage. At the same time, it increases the pregnancy rate by increasing the pregnancy hormone in women.

It has benefits for men as well as women. It prevents the formation of cancer, which is common in men, such as prostate cancer.

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In some honey production centers, it is supported to produce honey only with the pollen taken from the bees’ seeds. However, this honey is quite expensive. Alternative medicine experts say that for those who cannot take this honey, which is a powerful vitamin and mineral store, they can benefit from the same benefits if they mix a jar of honey with 5 tablespoons of crushed chasteberry seeds and store it in a cool place for a day and then consume it. This honey is a cure for many diseases, from bronchial, throat inflammation to liver cleansing. This honey also prevents the cells in the digestive system from undergoing any deformation.

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