What are the benefits of carrots? Which diseases is it good for? What happens if you drink regular carrot juice?

Carrot, which is the richest food in terms of vitamin A, has colors such as purple, black, red, white and yellow besides orange. Carrot, which belongs to the radish family, is a miracle food that improves eye health at night. So what are the benefits of carrots? Which diseases is it good for? What happens if you drink regular carrot juice? You can find everything about carrot in the details of the news.

According to what is told in historical books, carrot originated in Central Asia. In the first agriculture, when it was started to be planted, the green leaves that came out instead of the roots were consumed. Its green leaves, like its close relatives parsley, coriander, fennel, anise and cumin, are dried and used in alternative medicine. The first of the carrot seeds dates back to BC on the territory of Southern Germany. Later, it is noticed that the root is cooked and consumed. In later times, it was used as a drug in alternative medicine. Cream is obtained by mixing the porridge with olive oil. This cream heals wounds quickly. Apart from this, carrots are boiled and the juice is consumed. This water is good for digestion. In addition to all these, carrots are the most powerful food in nature in terms of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps the yellow spot in the eye to see better. In addition to the most commonly used orange carrot in nature, it has many other colors. Carrots, whose benefits and uses are not counted in Greek medical books, can be consumed raw.



Carrot, which has the most vitamins and minerals in root vegetables, is also rich in fiber source. Thanks to this feature, carrot, which is a good antioxidant, increases the performance of the cells in the body.

Beta carotene prevents cells from mutating. Carrot, which is rich in this substance, prevents colon and breast cancer when consumed regularly. Studies have shown that women who are likely to experience breast cancer prevent the cells from turning into malignant tumors by regularly consuming carrots.

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Raw carrots consumed regularly for a month balance the bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition, it also positively affects blood pressure, thus preventing high blood pressure from cardiovascular diseases. In a study conducted by Swedish scientists, regular consumption of carrots was provided to patients who were likely to have a heart attack. As a result, it was observed that 70 percent of the patients had a reduced risk of heart attack.

Decreased fluid and vitamins in the eye cause vision loss. In particular, the function of the yellow spot, which supports vision, decreases. However, carrots, which are rich in vitamin A, increase eyesight by increasing intraocular vitamins. It also prevents night blindness, which can be seen in advanced ages.

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Diabetes occurs when blood sugar increases or decreases. This situation brings with it serious diseases. Carrot, which has antiseptic properties, regulates the sugar level in the blood.

Carrots also prevent digestive problems. It improves the performance of the intestines. Regulates stomach acid. Thanks to the fiber it contains, it prevents the increase of gastric acids in the stomach. It prevents the occurrence of discomforts that reduce the quality of life, such as stomach bloating or gas compression after meals.

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Carrot, which contains all the minerals in the soil, strengthens the root of the tooth when consumed raw. It cleans the food wastes in the salivary glands. Since it is rich in alkaline substances, it reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth. It prevents conditions such as bad breath and infection.

Thanks to its strong vitamin C, it has an antibacterial effect. It increases the number of white cells in the blood. It strengthens immunity. It reduces the likelihood of seasonal transitional diseases.

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Advanced age vision loss is prevented. The risk of getting cancer is reduced. Since stomach acid is regulated, diseases such as gastritis and ulcers are prevented. It balances blood pressure. It provides full concentration by increasing memory power. It prevents chronic headaches. It helps pregnant women to increase the amniotic fluid.


Freshly squeezed carrot juice can be consumed regularly 1 hour after every dinner for 2 months without interruption. After 2 months, it should be reduced to 3 days a week. For each consumption, carrots should be made fresh in the juicer.

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