What are the benefits of carob seeds? What is the use of coffee made from carob?

The carob kernel, which has the hardest kernel in the world, has incredible benefits for many human health benefits. Especially in the Southeastern Anatolia region, coffee is often made from carob seeds. Coffee made from the powder obtained by grinding the beans is very effective in lowering bad cholesterol. So what are the benefits of carob seeds? What is the use of coffee made from carob?

Carob, which extends from Egypt to Greece as a habitat, grows easily in the Mediterranean climate. The carob fruit, which grows on the evergreen carob tree throughout the year, is a very powerful food. It is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals as much as its own kernels. Molasses, tea and coffee are made from carob, which dates back centuries. Carob, which is made into powder by removing the seeds, is known as harput coffee in Southeastern Anatolia. Coffee made from carob powder, which is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, is good for stomach and digestive diseases. Since the locust bean kernel is difficult to break with teeth, it has been chosen as the hardest kernel in the world. Another feature is that all carob seeds have the same hardness and weight. That’s why it is used as ornaments. However, it is also consumed in powder form. The benefits of carob seed, which has been ground and used in herbal treatment since ancient times, do not end with counting.


  1. Calcium is a very important substance for dental and bone health. As everyone knows, calcium is found in large amounts in milk. However, carob seeds contain 3 times more calcium than milk. It also meets 70 percent of the daily calcium requirement of the body.
  2. Thanks to the high amount of phosphorus it contains, it strengthens the immune system by increasing the body’s resistance. Experts emphasize that goat horn, which forms a shield against all diseases, should be consumed by children in developmental age and pregnant women.
  3. It regulates the hormones in the body when a spoonful of the powder obtained by grinding the carob kernel, which is rich in zinc mineral, is put into a glass of hot water and consumed.
  4. It can be consumed as a natural medicine in people who have asthma and shortness of breath. This nutrient, which has a high amount of antioxidant properties, clears the infectious viruses in the throat and relieves the lungs and throws the inflammation in the throat as phlegm.
  5. It is good for fatigue and stress by preventing the deformation of nerve cells. In particular, coffee made from carob seeds relieves fatigue during the day.
  6. Radiation that enters the body with technological tools, and harmful substances caused by heavy metal substances and agricultural waste pesticides with food, removes from the body in a short time.

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What are the benefits of carob seeds?


Carob coffee, which prevents the common diarrheal disease, is good for digestive problems. It regulates metabolism by increasing intestinal flora.

Specialists address common health problems such as anemia.

Thanks to its high calcium content, it strengthens bones and muscles.

It is necessary to strengthen the immune system in order to prevent upper respiratory tract diseases, especially during seasonal transitions. Carob, which is rich in antioxidants, scavenges free radicals in the immune system.

It is harmful for people with diabetes and obesity to consume processed sugar. Experts recommend carob, which is rich in natural sugar, to these patients.

It is good for cardiovascular diseases by lowering bad cholesterol.


Add a teaspoon of carob to one and a half cups of milk and mix. Stir the boiling coffee thoroughly. Add to the cup like regular coffee and serve.

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Mix the carob seeds with yoghurt.


  • Since molasses and yoghurt contain the same nutrients, vitamin and mineral ratios decrease when consumed together. However, it provides many benefits when consumed with carob extract, that is, its seed powder. It is recommended to consume one bowl a day of this mixture, which is especially beneficial for women.
  • This mixture prevents osteoporosis, which is more common in older women. At the same time, since it contains a strong calcium, it should be consumed by children in developmental age.
  • It supports the elimination of sore throat and sputum in a short time caused by the upper respiratory tract.
  • Yogurt and carob mixture helps to relax the stomach. It also prevents problems such as diarrhea and constipation by controlling digestion.
  • When consumed regularly for two months, it increases the body’s resistance by increasing blood cells.
  • It cleans the lungs, which are among the important organs of our body. In particular, it removes deformations caused by bad habits.

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