What are the benefits of capers? What diseases are capers good for?

It is a type of thorny plant, also known as caper, which grows spontaneously in nature. So, what are the benefits of capers? What diseases are capers good for? Capers, which grow in the form of small buds, are usually pickled. We have researched for you those who are curious about capers, which have incredible health benefits. You can find everything about capers in the details of the news.

Capers, also known as kebere, keper, gemire, gebre grass, cat’s claw, menginik, crow’s melon and Indian cucumber, are grown more in the Aegean Region. This fruit, which can be consumed as a bud, grows spontaneously in nature. Caper, which is a short ground plant, can easily live for 200 years. This fruit, which is frequently used in the food industry, is also used in the cosmetics industry. This fruit is even pickled around the world. This fruit, which has recently been consumed in our country, is consumed as a side dish in Europe. 200 grams of flower buds contain 134 mg of phosphorus, 18 mg of iron, 48 mg of protein, 24 mg of cellulose and 4 mg of lipid. The caper mentioned in Evliya Çelebi’s Travel Book is also sold in tablet form.

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It was used as a medicine for some diseases by Aristotle and Hippocrates in ancient Greek times.

Since it is rich in flavonoids, it has a high antioxidant effect. Thanks to this feature, it removes all free radicals in the body through the urine. It prevents the collection of edema.

Due to its high fiber content, it prevents digestive disorders. It helps in weight loss. In addition to giving a feeling of satiety for a long time, especially when the pickle is consumed, it also provides an energy that keeps the body vigorous. It reduces the risk of experiencing conditions such as chronic fatigue.

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This fruit, which is a store of calcium and magnesium, contributes to the development of bones and teeth. While supporting their development, it also supports them to be stronger. It supports the body in reducing the risk of serious diseases that are likely to be seen in older ages.

It supports the cleansing of the lungs and liver. These two organs are among the main organs of the body. Especially by preventing fatty liver, it supports regional weight and skin health positively.

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The fresh ones are first made pickled by keeping them in salty water and then in vinegar water.

Buds without fruit are also pickled. It is usually included with the ingredients placed on the pizza.

Traditionally, it is cooked and added to dishes such as fish, white meat and red meat.

It is used to strengthen the taste of tomato sauces made for the winter months.

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The processed form is taken from herbalists for caper tea consumed to strengthen the body’s immunity. After boiling 2 glasses of water thoroughly, the stove is turned off. A teaspoon of caper grass is thrown into it. It is left to infuse for 5 minutes. Then a glass is consumed in a warm state. Caper tea should be consumed fresh. Also, boiled caper tea can also be used as a tonic. It is effective in cleaning acne or wounds.

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Experts warn about direct consumption. Because caper grass is among the poisonous plants. For this reason, it is recommended to take the caper grass in its processed form from herbalists. It is also a herb that should not be consumed by children and pregnant women. When caper tea is consumed in excess, it causes health problems such as stomach pain, dizziness and weakness.

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