What are the benefits of cantaloupe? What does centaury oil do? How to make St. John’s Wort tea?

St. John’s Wort takes its place among the indispensables of alternative medicine. We have searched for you what you wonder about St. John’s Wort, which is found almost everywhere. John’s Wort, which is usually used after extracting its oil, is also dried to make tea. So what are the benefits of St. John’s Wort? What does centaury oil do? How to make St. John’s Wort tea? Does St. John’s Wort have any side effects?

St. John’s Wort, also known as sheep’s wort, yeast grass and sword grass, is widely available in European countries. Thanks to the calming substances it contains, it has been used in Europe for many years in the treatment of mental illnesses. The centaury plant, which has a deep-rooted history, was collected and dipped in olive oil. Olive oil, which is yellow after this mixture, after being kept in sunlight, takes a dark red color with the oil secreted by the flower. In addition, the flowers are dried in the sun, boiled and consumed as tea. The oil, which is used to heal wounds in the bodies of bedridden patients, is a powerful oil that supports the self-renewal of the skin. In the following years, cream was also obtained from the oil obtained, and it was used in injuries, eczema, insect bites, and reducing skin irritation during the war. Now it takes its place as a raw material in both cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Centaury plant containing flavonoid substance is a powerful antioxidant. About centaury oil from ancient times “There is a cure for a thousand and one troubles”it’s called.

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HOW TO MAKE St. John’s Wort Tea?

St. John’s Wort flower, which is widely sold in the USA, is dried and consumed as tea. Studies have shown that the flower has a strong calming property. In this way, it becomes a natural sedative for people who often experience stress and fatigue due to intense work tempo in metropolitan life. Centaury tea, which is recommended by experts especially for those who suffer from insomnia, also provides easy removal of bacteria and microbes in the body thanks to its diuretic feature. Add a teaspoon of dried St. John’s Wort flowers to a glass of boiled water and let it brew for 5 minutes. Then strain and consume. Tea should be made fresh and consumed. It can also be consumed by adding honey to it for throat inflammation and chest pains.

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In the researches, it has been determined that the centaury flower tea increases the concentrated power. It is also known that this tea, which is used in childhood, is good for memory by increasing the probability of cognition.

When used in the treatment of chronic sleep problems, it has been determined that it increases the melatonin hormone and provides a comfortable sleep.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, it is used as a natural remedy for many skin diseases. It prevents wrinkles and makes the skin look more alive. It removes partial discoloration associated with the loss of melanin in the dermis layer. It is recommended as a natural remedy in the treatment of vitiligo.

It supports the soothing of the pain caused by rheumatic diseases by applying it to the area where the pain is as a cream. It can also be applied as an oil. After applying, it shows its effect faster when the area is rested for half an hour with a warm towel.

Since it is a powerful antioxidant, it prevents the accumulation of edema in the body. It is especially effective in gout.

Some anti-inflammatory plants cause ulcers as they play with the balance of stomach acid. However, St. John’s Wort protects the stomach wall and acid. It does not cause this effect.

It prevents inflammation by cleaning all harmful bacteria and parasites both inside and outside the body.

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– It maintains the balance of the color of the skin.

– Regulates sleep.

– Relieves insect bites.

– It is good for digestive problems such as indigestion.

– Eliminates conditions that predispose to gout and rheumatic diseases.

– It especially heals injuries by stopping severe bleeding.

– Thanks to its antimicrobial effect, it kills bacteria and viruses.

– It is a natural remedy for sunburns.

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If used too much, it can cause hair loss. In addition, the “tyramine” substance it contains plays with the blood pressure and causes high blood pressure. It creates sensitivity to light in light-skinned people. According to experts, it is a plant that pregnant women should not use. It is beneficial for people who use chronic drugs to consult their experts before starting St. John’s Wort. In excess, it can speed up digestion and cause diarrhea and hair loss.

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