What are the benefits of camphor tree? What diseases is camphor good for?

Did you know that camphor tree, which is the most beneficial among tropical trees, has been used in alternative medicine for centuries? We have researched for you the ones who are curious about the camphor tree, which is imported by tons for consumption. So what are the benefits of camphor tree? What diseases is camphor good for? You can find the answers to all these questions about the camphor tree in the details of the news.

Camphor tree grows in Far East Asian countries and the fat cells in its body crystallize during contact with air. Then, camphor is obtained by the method of water vapor distillation in the slits in the branches and trunk. This miracle food used for centuries in Japanese herbal medicine; It is colorless, transparent and has the consistency of salt. It has a sharp odor and a bitter taste. It is used under expert control after the process is seen. In the celluloid industry, it is used as a raw material in the manufacture of tools such as photographic paper, film strip, billiard ball, comb. It is also a raw material in the soap industry. Camphor oil is used by massaging for joint pain. It accelerates blood circulation and relaxes the veins. The substance obtained from this tree, whose benefits do not end with counting, is used in many areas. Although it is in the tropical tree category, it does not require much water. He lives 2000 years. This tree, which is very sensitive to care, is under protection today. Pruning is done in October – November.

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It has a positive effect on excessive sweating, fever and poisoning.

When you mix camphor, which has a one-to-one effect against hair loss, and apply it to your hair, it is good for dandruff problems as well as strengthening the hair root.

In case of eye inflammation, it disinfects the eye with the help of a cotton ball.

Put a teaspoon of camphor oil in a glass of water, boil it and sweeten it with honey. It is good for diarrhea problem.

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It stops nosebleeds when mixed with vinegar and smelled. The same mixture, by adding honey, prevents mouth infections and inflammations when gargling in the mouth.

Camphor oil, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, is an effective natural remedy for relieving joint, low back and headaches. Thanks to its soothing feature, it relieves pain in a short time. Especially when mixed with olive oil and massaged for 30 minutes, it reduces pain in the hips and lower back.

Camphor oil is used to reduce and disinfect the effect of insect stings and bites.

When applied to an open wound, it stops coagulation and also accelerates healing.

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It has a positive effect on eczema and itching when applied by mixing water with its oil. In addition, you can use this mixture as a tonic to reduce acne and pimples.

It is a natural remedy that is effective in the treatment of cracked heels. Fill a container with warm water and put a glass of camphor oil in it. Then dip your feet in this water and brush your feet with a heel brush. After the application, rinse your feet and apply Vaseline.

It is also good for sleeping problems by smelling camphor or consuming its tea.

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If camphor is used in excess, it can cause kidney stones. Plain is never used. It can cause serious problems because it has a burning feature. It is usually used by adding honey and water. When used excessively, it manifests itself with symptoms such as dizziness, forgetfulness, unbalanced body movements and tremors.

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