What are the benefits of calendula flower? What does calendula cream do?

The use of calendula, which dates back to centuries, has incredible benefits for human health. The flower, which comes out in October, is frequently consumed especially in alternative medicine. We have searched for those who are curious about calendula flower, which is especially good for bone and muscle pain due to the beneficial oil it contains. So what are the benefits of calendula flower? What does calendula cream do? You can find everything about the calendula flower in the details of the news.

Calendula, also known as capsular or common marigold, is common in Southern European countries. The use of the flower, which fully blooms in October, dates back to centuries. There are thousands of useful substances in the essence of the plant, which grows easily in places with plenty of sun. Therefore, it is used by grinding and removing the structure. The flower, which is generally orange in color, is sometimes found in yellow. It has a velvet-like surface. Calendula flower, which is frequently mentioned in ancient Greek books, is the beauty secret of women. It is also added to flower salads that taste good. Calendula, a powerful anti-infective, is a natural remedy for skin diseases as well as bone and muscle diseases. Containing a rich lutein substance, the flower strengthens the hair follicles. In our country, oil is generally used. Tea consumed during seasonal changes strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases such as colds and flu.

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It is good for common stomach ailments such as ulcers, reflux and gastritis. A glass of calendula tea consumed after meals prevents stomach bloating. At the same time, it prevents contractions by regulating stomach acid. It maintains the balance of the intestinal flora. It cleans the wastes in the stomach and intestines.

It reduces the number of free radical cells in the body. It expels bacteria and viruses through the urinary tract. During this process, it supports more comfortable urination. It prevents the formation of stones and sand. Strengthens immunity against viruses.

It reduces painful menstrual cramps in women’s menstrual periods. It prevents the hormonal disorder experienced. It prevents cramps and provides good cleaning of the uterus. As it is consumed as a tea, its cream can also be applied in the abdomen to reduce pain.

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It prevents insects or mosquitoes by placing it in front of the house or in front of the window. The severity of the bites is prevented when the boiled water is placed in the spray can and sprayed on the body.

Calendula oil prevents fungal growth on nails. It provides healthier growth. In general, when applied to hands and feet, it increases the softness of the skin and prevents it from drying out against cold and cracking. Apart from this, its cream or oil renews eczema, burns, wounds, varicose veins and irritated skin areas. When it is applied to the hair, it increases the shine and prevents the occurrence of discomfort such as shedding.

Since it is a strong antiseptic, it is also used in the treatment of warts. It supports the increase of decreasing collagen by absorbing into the skin layers. It prevents wrinkles. In the researches, it has been determined that 90 percent of the people who use calendula structure renew the skin surface faster and the tissues stay young.

For migraine or stress-related headache, the severity of the pain can be reduced by applying the cream to the neck or forehead.

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The collected flowers are dried. Add 3 glasses of water to two tablespoons of coffee pot. It is boiled for 10 minutes. It can be consumed by straining.

Melt the real butter and add the washed calendula flower with its stems and leaves. Leave on low heat for at least 5 minutes. Then strain it by pouring it into a cheesecloth. Put the liquid that comes out in a container. You can also add thyme and lavender oils to the mix. Store the cream in the refrigerator.

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