What are the benefits of buffalo yogurt? How is buffalo yogurt made and what does it do?

Buffalo yogurt, which has been consumed for centuries, was forgotten for a long time against the danger of extinction of buffaloes. However, as the importance of healthy nutrition increases, buffalo yogurt has come to the fore again. We have searched for you what you wonder about buffalo yogurt, which contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. So what are the benefits of buffalo yogurt? In the details of the news:

Yogurt made from buffalo milk, which contains twice the calcium contained in cow and sheep milk, has begun to increase in production today. The most important factor in the decrease of buffalo yogurt, which has been in Anatolian cuisines for centuries and is a source of livelihood especially for those living in the highlands, is the easier livestock breeding. The situation that brings the endangered water buffalo to the light again is the increasing diseases. Experts strongly recommend organic foods to prevent diseases increasing due to unhealthy diet, air pollution and unnatural foods. In this respect, eyes were turned to the most beneficial foods in history. One of them was buffalo milk. In our country, farms were established in cities such as Amasya, Balıkesir, Çorum, Sivas and Muş. Yogurt obtained from this milk, which contains 60 percent calcium and 40 percent protein, increases the body’s resistance against almost all diseases. In addition, buffalo yogurt, which is rich in vitamins E and A, also contains beneficial bacteria. Buffalo yogurt, which is whiter than other milks, is also preferred in the coffee industry. Buffalo yogurt, which is a natural antibiotic, is also very low in calories.

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buffalo yogurt strengthens immunity


Add one liter of buffalo milk to a deep saucepan. Stir constantly with colander. Keep the stove on low heat. Constantly remove the foam in the boiling milk. Add a teaspoon of pre-made buffalo yogurt to the thickened and reduced milk. Continue mixing. Then cover the mouth with a thin cheesecloth. Put the lid of the pot on it and wrap the pot completely. Leave for 4 hours at room temperature without moving. Then take the cloth around it and put it in the fridge for another day. Consume the buffalo yogurt prepared in this way within 10 days. Otherwise it will mold quickly. Since it is a hard-hardening yoghurt, it is sometimes difficult to keep its consistency.

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buffalo yogurt is firm


  • Children can easily consume it. Since the amount of lactose is low, it does not cause allergies. Therefore, the effect of calcium and protein, which contributes to bone and muscle development, increases.
  • Buffalo yogurt, which is also rich in vitamin A, which is indispensable for eye health, prevents diseases such as cataracts, which are likely to be seen in advanced ages.
  • It quickly renews the intestinal flora. Therefore, it regulates its functions and eliminates digestive problems. In addition, vitamin and mineral enzymization is easier in people with proper flora. In particular, the absorption of iron prevents diseases such as anemia. In the continuation of this, hair loss also prevents health problems such as unbalanced weight gain or loss.
  • It has high oil content. However, it increases the level of healthy cholesterol. It does not cause any negative effects on vascular and heart health.
  • It is the most ideal food after mushrooms for those who cannot consume red meat. It strengthens the nervous system as it contains high vitamin B12. This also benefits brain health. It improves concentration and memory. Even one bowl is enough to keep you fit all day long.

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