What are the benefits of black rice? What is another name for black rice? How to consume black rice?

Black rice, which is an indispensable flavor of Chinese cuisine, has started to be widely consumed all over the world today. The reason is the ratio of magnesium and fiber it contains. It both increases the body’s energy and provides long-term satiety. Black rice, which is popular thanks to this feature, is sometimes called purple or forbidden rice. So what are the benefits of black rice? How to consume black rice? We have added what you need to know about black rice to the details of the news.

Black rice, which is 30 times more effective than white rice in terms of antioxidants, originates from Indonesia. Experts recommend regular consumption of black rice, which is among the richest foods in nature in terms of phenolic substances. This food, which has more vitamins and minerals than white rice, is one of the most expensive rice varieties in the world. It is rich in anthocyanin, which is rarely found in foods and has incredible benefits for body health. Since it is not completely black, it is referred to as purple rice in some regions. Porridge, cake, bread and noodles, which are among the traditional dishes in Chinese cuisine, are made. In Thailand, very delicious desserts are made with black rice. Here, the rice is called forbidden rice. The country that produces and consumes the most is China. Due to its high fiber content, it provides satiety for a long time and increases the energy rate of the body. It is a variety of brown, jasmine, cracked, brown and white rice.

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This food, which is rich in fiber, facilitates digestion and prevents you from gaining weight. It also reduces the rate of stomach ailments by balancing the metabolism.

Black rice, which is rich in magnesium compared to white rice; It has a positive effect on bone, tooth and muscle development. A bag of black rice increases the daily energy level of the body 2 times more.

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This nutrient, which is stated to be rich in antioxidants, strengthens the body’s immune system and creates a shield in the body against cancerous cells. In addition, studies have revealed that the powerful antioxidant it contains increases the number of young cells by destroying the senescent cells in the body. In this way, it has been proven to be anti-aging.

Experts emphasize that black rice, which has a low sugar content, should be consumed by diabetics.

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Black rice, which takes its color from antioxidant, cyanidin, 3-0 beta glucoside, is a naturally occurring rice that has not been genetically modified.

It prevents cancer and diseases by protecting the DNA of cells.

It is an ideal food for diabetics as its sugar rate is very low.

It balances the cholesterol level in the blood. It reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attack.

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The most common way of consumption is boiled, just like white rice. For a plate of black rice;

A cup of black rice

1/5 cup hot water/chicken stock

A teaspoon of butter

teaspoon of salt

Wash the rice thoroughly and leave it in water for half an hour. Add oil to a small saucepan, drain the rice from the water, put it in it and fry it. After the rice is fully roasted, add chicken broth and salt to it, mix it, close the lid and wait for the water to dry on low heat.

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