What are the benefits of black pepper? How to make black tea and what is it good for?

Blackbash, which looks like lavender in appearance, is a plant that grows in the Mediterranean region and is very effective in calming nerve cells. We have compiled for you the things that are curious about black pepper, which is a very close relative of lavender. It is one of the natural remedies for especially severe headaches. What are the benefits of black pepper? How to make black tea and what is it good for?

Karabaş grass, which belongs to the lavender family, is called with names such as false lavender, gargan, monk grass in Turkey. Blackbash, which was used against the spread of cholera, especially in the Ottoman period, is a plant frequently used in alternative medicine. Blackbash, which has an anti-bacterial effect, comes from the honeydew family. Blackhead, which grows frequently in the Western Anatolia region of our country, grows in Central Europe in the world. Blackbash, which blooms in summer, can also be consumed fresh or dried. In the Aegean Region, jam is made. Blackhead, which is rarely white, is more often found in purple and blue colors. The pointed grass tips have flowers. The grass, which is highly resistant to drought, prefers neutral and basic soils. Blackbash, which is a powerful antioxidant, provides one-to-one benefits for upper respiratory tract diseases.

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It prevents cardiovascular diseases by balancing the bad cholesterol level.

In researches, it prevents the formation of tumors by preventing the growth of cancerous cells.

It increases body resistance against diseases by reducing free radicals in the immune system.

Those who suffer from a dry cough frequently consume black pepper and relieve the inflammation of the throat through phlegm. Blackbash, which reduces chest pains, is effective in opening blocked bronchi in smokers.

It prevents the nerve cells from being deformed. It relaxes and calms the body. It improves psychological disorders such as fatigue and stress.

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It can disinfect wounds with boiled water. It allows the skin to heal quickly.

Blackbash, which is effective in eliminating the gas problem caused by excessive consumption of food, also cleans the intestines and kidneys.

It is effective against upper respiratory tract diseases.

It is made into a creamy consistency when it is crushed fresh and olive oil is added to it. It prevents the bad odor caused by sweat on the body when it is applied to the places where sweat is rapidly excreted.


The dried black cumin is boiled for 7 minutes. Turmeric, honey, ginger and lemon are added to it. Since the mixture has a strong antioxidant effect, it is also very effective in cleansing the body.

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