What are the benefits of black cumin? What does black seed oil do? Mixing black cumin in honey

Black cumin, which looks like the black of sesame, has many benefits for human health. Experts emphasize that black cumin, which is mixed with honey and consumed, is beneficial. We have searched for you what you need to know about black cumin, which contains minerals with strong antioxidant properties. What are the benefits of black cumin? What does black seed oil do?

Black cumin, which has been used in natural medical treatment since ancient times, has many benefits for human health. Especially in ancient times, it was put in soldiers’ bags because it healed wounds. Black cumin, an annual herbaceous plant, grows in the cone of the plant. It thins the cone after ripening. This herb with 18 percent oil comes from the buttercup family, which has 14 species. In some studies, it has been observed that black cumin is a cure for asthma. It has been revealed that black cumin, which is used in a special study in America, destroys the cells that cause breast cancer. Later, modern medicine focused on this herb and made many researches. In laboratory research, it has been determined that black cumin stabilizes the blood by lowering blood sugar. It contains high amount; It contains conjugated linoleic acid, thymoquinone, nigellone, melanthin, nigilline, damascenin and tannin substances.

WHAT DOES Black Seed Oil Do?

Studies have shown that black seed oil is very effective in weight loss. Black cumin, which is a natural remedy especially in the treatment of diabetes, is rich in anti-inflammatory. It is effective in removing toxins as well as accelerating fat burning in the body. It provides rapid healing of stomach ulcer. It also prevents ailments such as constipation by controlling digestion. It also prevents upper respiratory tract diseases by reducing inflammation. It is applied to relieve increased breast pain during the menstrual cycle. Lotions prepared with black seed quickly cleanse the skin from acne and pimples. Renews skin cells.

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It reduces the effect of cough and respiratory tract diseases that occur in the throat as a result of infection. It also has an expectorant effect.

Black cumin helps in cleaning the digestion by removing all free radicals in the body through the urine. Thus, it prevents stomach and intestinal diseases that may occur. In addition, it minimizes the risk of deformation in these regions.

It balances the blood by balancing the sugar cells in the blood. It prevents heart diseases by ensuring that there is no blockage in the veins. It reduces the risk of serious health problems such as stroke, stroke and heart attack.

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Black cumin, which has antioxidant properties, clears inflammation that causes edema. It also prevents aging by supporting the regeneration of cells. It shows the same effect in the dermis layer. It prevents the formation of acne and acne by supporting the regeneration of the dermis layer in a short time. It also ensures the healthy functioning of sweat glands.

Since it facilitates digestion, it is among the foods that support weight loss. When consumed with yogurt, its benefits increase even more.

It reduces the risk of experiencing conditions such as depression and panic attacks due to the nervous system. Thus, it also contributes to brain health.

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The most important feature is that it destroys and prevents cancerous cells in researches. Experts emphasize that people with a family history of cancer cells should consume this food frequently.

The oil obtained from black seed increases immunity to prevent diseases such as eczema and psoriasis on the skin surface.

When you mix black cumin with olive oil and apply it to your eyelashes, eyebrows and hair every two days, it makes it more thicker. It also gives a bright and lively appearance.


When the powder obtained from black cumin is mixed with honey and consumed every morning at breakfast, it increases your energy and concentration level throughout the day. It also creates resistance against diseases. You can also get the same effect when you sprinkle it on salads, your omelet and cheese.


Melanthin is poisonous when taken in large doses, and nigelline is paralyzing. Therefore, black cumin should be used in sufficient quantities with a break.




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