What are the benefits of bay leaf? Where is bay leaf used?

Did you know that the leaves of the Mediterranean laurel have benefits for human health? The evergreen leaves are frequently used in alternative medicine. So what are the benefits of bay leaf? Where is bay leaf used? For you, we have searched for those who are curious about the bay leaf used in the production of laurel soap, which we often come across in transfers. In the detail of the news, you can find everything that is curious about the bay leaf.

The Mediterranean laurel, which grows native to the Mediterranean climate, has a unique smell of the tree type. The leaves of the tree used in alternative medicine have a large share in Turkey’s exports. The lower part of the trunk of the tree is gray and the upper parts are green. Fragrance emanates from the leaf parts. The biggest enemy of these leaves is an insect called aphid. In our country, bay leaves are dried and used in cooking and sherbet production. Bay leaf, which gives a different taste, is also preferred in making tomato paste. Bay leaf, which is also grown at home as an ornamental plant, is very sensitive to cold weather. Due to the volatile nature of the fatty substances in its content, it is among the healthy oils used in meals. Bay leaf has antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties. Bay leaf, especially used in the cosmetics industry, is a raw material in personal care products such as cream, soap and shampoo. In ancient Greece, it is seen as the elixir of immortality because it stays green both in summer and winter. That’s why it’s used for everything.

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Bay leaf is consumed by making tea for upper respiratory tract diseases. Bay leaf, which has high analgesic properties, reduces the cells that cause throat infections. It clears the throat with its expectorant effect. Put 2 bay leaves in a glass of water and boil for 5 minutes. After waiting for 1 minute, strain it and add a teaspoon of honey and consume it.

During high fevers, throw 10 bay leaves into 5 glasses of water and boil it. Then, dip a clean piece of cloth in the cooling water and place it on your chest, neck or forehead and change it every half an hour.

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Bay leaves are also very effective in reducing stones in the kidneys caused by food waste. Put 4 leaves of laurel in boiling water and boil it. Consume once a day. This tea, which is consumed in a glass every day, allows the stones to dissolve and come out of the bladder over time.

Grind 10 bay leaves until they become powder. Then add half a glass of hot water to this powder and mix it. Apply this mixture to your hair roots and wait for an hour. The mixture that nourishes the hair follicles heals the deformed cells. If there is lice or dandruff in the hair, it ensures that it ends in a short time.

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Thanks to its high antioxidant, it purifies the body from free radicals. It strengthens the immune system. It acts as a shield in the body against diseases.

Folic acid is essential for the body. Folic acid, which the body needs daily, helps to regenerate cells. It is a substance that should be taken especially during pregnancy. This substance is effective in bone development. 100 grams of bay leaves meet the daily folic acid requirement.

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For digestive problems such as heartburn after meals, mix 2 grams of bay leaves with half a glass of water. Add ginger powder and bring it to a boil. Strain and consume after 5 minutes. It is beneficial for people who have digestive problems frequently to consume it twice a day.

Bay leaf, which is effective in reducing glucose and cholesterol levels, can be consumed by both diabetics and cardiovascular patients. Boil 5 bay leaves in a glass of water. Consume it in the morning on an empty stomach.

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