What are the benefits of bay leaf, preventing and calming stress!


All over the world, treatments made with natural methods instead of immediately resorting to drugs for health problems attract great attention. Bay leaf is one of the plants with miraculous health benefits. Bay leaf is consumed as a tea from sore throat, stress; It provides many benefits from kidney stones, pain relief feature. Here are 5 amazing benefits of bay leaf!


You have a mild cold, so of course, a little cough. In these cases, you can relieve your cough by making yourself a tea from bay leaves. You will immediately notice the effect.

intense stress

For those who are going through a stressful period, you can have a more comfortable sleep by consuming the tea of ​​bay leaf, which also has a calming feature, bypassing your extremely stressful periods.

Relieves pain

At the same time, bay leaf, which is a natural pain reliever, can relieve your headaches that do not go away during the day. At the same time, you can prevent joint pain with its muscle relaxation feature.

Kidney stone

It helps to remove kidney stones from the body, especially for those who have diseases such as kidney stones. It also has a natural task in healing the kidneys.

digestive problems system

Today, one of the disorders brought by irregular nutrition is the digestive system disorder. Those who have problems such as constipation in the digestive system, you can get rid of digestive system problems with bay leaf tea.

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