What are the benefits of basil plant? What happens if you regularly consume basil juice?

Basil consumption from the Ottoman Empire to the present day has incredible benefits for human health. Since basil is a powerful antimicrobial, it comes from the same family as basil, so the two plants are constantly mixed. So what are the benefits of basil plant? What happens if you regularly consume basil juice? We have searched for you what you wonder about basil consumed in dry or fresh form. You can find everything about basil in the details of the news.

Basil, whose scientific name is “ocimum basilicum”, belongs to the same family as basil. It is the raw material of the indispensable sherbets of the Ottoman Palaces. Basil, which has antibacterial properties, is very effective in cleaning the body. It was not consumed only as sherbet in the Ottoman Empire. It was also used for the beauty of the skin of the palace sultans. It is also a natural medicine used by alternative medicine specialists for healing purposes. Basil, which is used as a sedative in mental illnesses, is very rich in substances such as omega-3 calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron. Refreshes the nervous and digestive system. In addition, basil, when placed in gardens and in front of windows, prevents animals such as insects and mosquitoes from entering the house in summer. Thanks to its strong smell, it prevents especially spiders from moth.

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It strengthens the cells in the immune system. In this way, it increases the body’s resistance against diseases. In addition, it prevents the cells from being affected by the temperature by balancing the suddenly rising body temperature. Otherwise, the cells affected by high temperature pave the way for weakening immunity and serious diseases.

It reduces the effect of viruses that end their incubation period in seasonal transitions and invite upper respiratory tract diseases.

It reduces the level of bad cholesterol and prevents clogging of the arteries. In this way, it protects heart health. It also prevents the occurrence of diseases such as stroke and paralysis by balancing blood pressure.

Basil, which meets the body’s fluid needs, supports the work of the adrenal glands. In this way, it increases the functions of the kidneys. It prevents the possible formation of stones and sand.

Basil, which is also beneficial in oral and dental care, prevents bad breath by removing the food wastes accumulated in the salivary glands. It strengthens the gums and provides a solid dream root.

It can be boiled and used as a tonic. One of the beauty secrets of the sultans in the Ottoman palace is basil. At the same time, fresh basil is crushed with olive oil and applied to the skin. This mask promotes faster closing of pores.

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It prevents digestive problems such as bloating or indigestion after meals. Regulates stomach acid. When consumed raw, it strengthens the stomach wall.

It easily removes the edema accumulated in the body. Strengthens joints and muscles. It prevents the accumulation of inflammation in the body.

It reduces complications related to diabetes.

It cures attention deficit. It improves the performance of brain functions. It contains 48 percent of omega-3 fatty acids. This oil supports the brain to work better. İbrahim Saraçoğlu recommends it to be consumed by chewing.


İbrahim Saraçoğlu emphasizes the importance of basil water among the reasons why ancient people were more vigorous. Thanks to its germ-killing feature, basil juice removes the fungal cells in the body. It regulates the intestinal flora. It increases the functionality of breathing. It cleans the bronchi. Rich in vitamin C, basil regulates blood sugar. Thanks to its sedative properties, it is a natural remedy for diseases such as depression and stress. It balances the oxygen by clearing the radiation in the body.

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