What are the benefits of barberry plant? How to make tea from barberry plant?

Barberry, whose Latin name is Berberis Vulgaris, is a plant with yellow or orange flowers. As the seeds mature, red and purple fruits appear. The acid in barberry fruit, which is referred to as a woman’s salt in some books, is the same as that found in lemons and apples. Therefore, it is very strong in terms of antioxidants. What are the benefits of barberry plant? Everything you wonder about the barberry plant is in the details of the news:

Barberry plant, which is frequently found in Eastern Anatolia in our country, grows well in sunny areas. This plant, which is deciduous in winter, was used as a medicine for colds when it was first discovered. It is very rich in berberine, which is effective in lowering blood sugar. It contains 5 percent sugar and 6 percent organic fat. It is collected and used in June. Barberry plant, which provides the vitamin E needed by the body in 100 grams, is known by very few people. The plant, which belongs to the clove family, becomes a bush as it grows. Karamur, which has a pleasant smell, has a sour taste when consumed as tea. It is similar to the taste of Reyhan sherbet. The fruit of the blackberry, whose seeds are poisonous, is consumed. The syrup obtained by boiling is a natural remedy for colds. It contains pectin, cellulose, ash and vitamins C. It is also a powerful body cleanser because it contains flavonoids. Available in purple, red and pink colors.

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When it is boiled and consumed by adding honey, it regulates blood flow. It cleans the blood and prevents atherosclerosis. That’s why experts suggest that it can be consumed by people with heart disease.

Diarrhea, which is common among intestinal diseases, causes the body to lose excessive fluid. Alternative medicine experts emphasize that when the barberry is boiled and consumed by squeezing lemon into it, the intestinal flora is balanced and prevents health problems such as diarrhea.

Barberry tea is recommended for colds that increase during seasonal changes. Barberry clears the sinuses and throat. It also helps to remove food wastes accumulated in the esophagus, stomach and intestines.

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Barberry, which is a natural remedy for anorexia children, strengthens immunity while increasing appetite. It creates a shield against diseases.

Since it clears the immune system, it controls the body’s temperature. It reduces sudden fever. It supports the more natural functioning of sweat glands.

It positively affects the health of the liver, whose function is reduced. It prevents toxinization. In this way, it prevents the body from holding fat. It prevents the subcutaneous skin from getting bacteria. It indirectly prevents skin problems such as acne and acne breakouts.

It reduces the complaints experienced during menopause and menstrual periods. It is also good for varicose problems, which are more common in women.

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Tea obtained from the fruits of the blackcurrant plant, whose seeds are poisonous, is consumed. Add 15 grams of barberry thistle, root and fruit to 4 glasses of boiled water. After infusing for 5 minutes, one or two glasses can be consumed before meals. It can also be used as a tonic.

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Barberry fruit, whose seed part is poisonous, can cause serious health problems. Therefore, experts emphasize that it should be collected by a known person without consuming it. In addition, experts who stated that pregnant women should definitely not consume, also underlined that excessive consumption can cause adverse conditions such as vomiting, diarrhea, kidney failure and low back pain. He says that it is especially beneficial for those who use chronic drugs to consult their doctor.

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