What are the benefits of banana? How many types of bananas are there? Unknown uses of banana peel!

Banana, which is the most consumed among tropical fruits, has incredible benefits for human health. We have compiled for you everything that is curious about the banana, which prevents especially bone and heart diseases. Banana, which has more than one variety, is the strongest fiber found in nature. Banana, which is also rich in potassium, is in the top five in the list of valuable foods. So what are the benefits of Banana? How many types of bananas are there?

Banana, which is grown in Southeast Asia and has three varieties, green, red and yellow, contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Banana, the most nutritious food found in nature, is rich in protein, minerals and amino acids. People with slow digestion are not recommended to consume bananas. Because bananas can cause constipation due to some of the ingredients it contains. At the same time, bananas contain vitamins B1, B2, C, A and E, and are rich in minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and iodine. Banana, which is the strongest food in terms of potassium, increases sweating and makes muscles and bones work faster. Banana, which is effective in calming the nerves, causes a more comfortable sleep when consumed an hour before going to bed at night. Although tropical, it can be grown botanically almost anywhere. Banana, which is consumed as food in some countries, was first domesticated in Papua New Guinea. A banana, which ripens faster after being plucked from its branch, causes diarrhea when consumed immature, and constipation if it is too ripe. It is known that it was first brought to Turkey in 1750. Banana, which is grown as an ornamental plant, started to be produced for consumption in the following years.

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The banana, which is mostly known as yellow, actually has varieties. It has varieties such as short, medium and long. short stature dwarf cavendish is called. For medium-sized varieties granf nain is called. The consumption of this type, also called lightning bolt, is high. Williams and overlord It is a type of banana with a long length. The variety of bananas differs in odor, color and shape. They are seeded, hairy, fuzzy and pink varieties of bananas.

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Bananas contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. These types of fiber slow down digestion and cause long-term satiety. It is one of the fruits recommended to be consumed during the day for those who want to lose weight. However, consult a specialist before adding the banana to your diet list.

Fiber is effective not only for digestion but also for lowering bad cholesterol in the body. Lowering cholesterol is very good for cardiovascular health. In particular, it prevents vascular occlusion.

Banana, which has a sweet and sour taste, is beneficial for stomach and intestinal health starting from the esophagus. By increasing the fluid ratio in the body, it prepares the ground for the adrenal glands to work more comfortably.

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Banana, which contains high potassium, balances blood pressure. In this way, it protects the health of the brain and prevents diseases such as high blood pressure.

It balances blood pressure as well as blood cells. It increases the absorption of iron by increasing red blood cells. Thus, the risk of developing anemia is reduced.

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Since the banana has a strong antiseptic feature, its peel can be used for makeup removal.

You can make your toilet smell good by dripping the liquid in its shell onto the toilet paper.

By applying the banana peel to your whole body, you will both prevent the smell of sweat and balance the fat ratio in the body.

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In cases of severe headache, you can reduce the severity of the pain in a short time by placing a banana peel on your forehead for about an hour.

When you rub the banana peel on your body during skin burns, it helps to reduce the severity of this condition.

– Thanks to its antibacterial effect, it can be applied to your teeth as a toothbrush. In addition to reducing the infected cells here, you can help whiten the teeth.

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