What are the benefits of avocado leaf tea? How to make avocado leaf tea?

Avocado, which comes at the top of the diet lists, is beneficial as well as its leaf provides many benefits to human health. Avocado leaf, which is a powerful antioxidant, accelerates the body’s fat burning. It increases the resistance against diseases by removing toxins from the body. What are the benefits of avocado leaf tea? How to make avocado leaf tea?

Avocado, which is of Mexican origin, has increased its production in our country in recent years. Avocado fruit, which grows easily in a temperate climate, is the strongest antioxidant in nature. It not only weakens, but also makes the body more resistant to diseases. In addition to its fruit, its leaves are also dried and consumed in the form of tea. Avocado leaf tea, which is a highly nutritious fruit, has been consumed for centuries for healing purposes. It is especially recommended as a natural remedy in the treatment of kidney stones. It helps to excrete the stones formed in the kidneys and kidneys by turning them into sand.It reduces the pain and aches experienced during this time.

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– Avocado tea provides one-to-one benefits to relieve increased muscle pain in cases such as infection, depression and stress. It physically reduces bone pain. Thanks to the components in the leaf, it has a muscle relaxant effect.

Regularly consumed avocado leaf tea prevents the accumulation of toxins in the blood. It regulates blood flow when consumed five days a week. In this way, it protects cardiovascular health.

– There is quercetin component in avocado leaf. This component removes the infection that accumulates in the body and causes inflammation in the urinary tract.

– In addition to cleaning the blood, it also balances the circulating blood rate and prevents sudden blood splashes to the brain and heart. It also prevents the occurrence of blood pressure disease.

– By protecting the stomach wall and muscle structure, it becomes a natural remedy for health problems such as reflux, nausea, burning and bloating. By balancing the amount of stomach acid, it protects the health of both the intestine and the esophagus.

– It prevents constipation by increasing the functions of the intestines. It also helps to lose weight by regulating digestion. It is also a tea that should be added to diet lists as it accelerates fat burning. However, consuming avocado tea while there is avocado on the diet list causes extreme diarrhea and fluid loss. It’s good to keep that balance.

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– It also benefits the virus-related diseases that increase in seasonal transitions. It reduces the damage caused by viruses in the lungs. It also helps with diseases such as bronchitis and asthma by helping to breathe.

– Like the avocado fruit, which renews the skin structure, avocado tea also benefits the skin. It cleans the pores. It increases liver function. It helps to renew the dermis layer of the skin. Tea made from avocado leaves can be cooled and applied to the skin as a tonic.

– Add the avocado tea water to your last water while taking a bath and use it. In this way, it causes the scalp to become stronger. It prevents dandruff and wear.

– It prevents the formation of a yellow layer on the surface of the teeth by reducing the infection in the mouth. It prevents the formation of wounds in the mouth and teeth.

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Put 2 glasses of water in a coffee pot, add 3 avocado leaves and boil it. After boiling for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and let it brew for 5 minutes. Then add honey or lemon into it if you wish. Do not boil for more than 10 minutes so that the benefits in it do not die. Filter and drink. Consuming it before going to bed makes its benefits work faster. Also, consume only 5 days a week. At the same time, do not consume more than 15 days.

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