What are the benefits of artichoke leaf tea? How to make artichoke leaf tea?

Artichoke leaf tea, one of the rare herbal teas, is a powerful antioxidant. These leaves, which are in purple, green and blue tones, are especially beneficial in reducing the damage of nicotine to the body. It should be consumed once a day after a meal. What are the benefits of artichoke leaf tea? How to make artichoke leaf tea?

Artichoke, which belongs to the daisy family, is a food produced from seeds. This food, which requires a lot of water, is grown in the Marmara region of our country. Artichoke, which contains strong minerals and vitamins, is consumed especially at the end of winter and beginning of spring. The leaves of the artichoke, which is in the form of a cap, are as useful as itself. The tea obtained by boiling the leaves of the artichoke, whose vegetable part is used in dishes, is used in alternative medicine. Artichoke, whose vegetable part is fleshy, has leaves that rise up in the form of a tube. Its leaves contain antioxidant substances. Especially when they are purple and blue in color, they are more preferred.

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HOW TO MAKE Artichoke Leaf Tea?

Artichoke leaves are first dried in the sun. It is then crushed to form a tea. Then add a teaspoon of artichoke leaf powder to a glass of water. Boil in a pot for about 6 minutes. Some experts also recommend adding it to hot water and brewing it. You can consume it after filtering. Excessive consumption impairs kidney functions. Therefore, it is recommended to consume a glass after dinner.

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– The damage caused by nicotine in the body is quite harmful. Alternative medicine experts recommend artichoke tea to prevent nicotine, which causes serious diseases in old age.

The liver is one of the most important vital organs of the body. An additional support is needed to improve the functions of the liver, which helps to remove toxins. Artichoke tea is recommended to strengthen the liver, which removes the accumulated toxins through urine.

– Artichoke leaf tea also strengthens the muscle and bone system. Artichoke leaf tea, which especially strengthens muscle and bone tissues, prevents bone resorption, which is likely to be seen in advanced ages.

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– Thanks to antibacterial and antioxidant minerals, it meets the needs of the immune system. It strengthens immunity and ensures healthy functioning of body functions.

Artichoke leaf tea, which is a stimulating factor, renews the nervous system. When consumed in moderation, it supports brain development and reduces the risk of memory problems in later ages. It reduces depression and stress by increasing the functionality of the nerves.

– By increasing the functionality of the immune system, which is the most important organ of the digestive system, it prevents the accumulation of food wastes and constipation. It is an ideal herbal tea for those who want to lose weight and stay in shape.

– It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

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