What are the benefits of apricots? What happens if you eat dried apricots? What are apricot kernels good for?

We searched for those who were curious about apricot, which is one of the foods richest in fiber in nature. Dried apricots, which are known to regulate metabolism, are especially recommended for those who want to diet. Research has been done on apricot kernels, which contain vitamin C as well as fiber. Apricots that are consumed raw are also made into jam. What are the benefits of apricots? What happens if you eat dried apricots?

Spreading all over the world from the lands of Central Asia, apricot was used as a medicine in the first discovery times because it relieved digestion. It has been determined that especially the shells have incredible benefits for human health. The first form of the fruit has a sour taste, then it becomes sweet. This increases the vitamins and minerals it contains. Apricots are consumed in different ways depending on the regions, for which dessert and jam are made. It is one of the rare fruits of which two different nuts are obtained by separating the outer pulp and inner core. Some experts warn against excessive consumption of apricot, which is at the top of the diet lists that dietitians recommend to their patients. Because apricot can cause excessive diarrhea by increasing the functions of intestinal flora. This allows the body to consume fluids involuntarily quickly.

  • Since it contains fiber, it regulates the functions of the intestines and helps in weight loss.
  • Apricot kernels protect the DNA structure of the cells and prevent the formation of cancer.
  • Apricot tea prevents indigestion when consumed after meals.
  • Experts recommend it to be consumed by anemia patients, as it increases the blood-making cells in the moment.

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Dried apricots, which are natural remedies for those who want to lose weight and have intestinal problems, are a strong source of fiber. In addition, it contains vitamins A, B, C, E. In this way, it balances the blood rate. It contributes to the bones of children in the developmental age. It is a food that even pregnant women can easily consume. It contains low amount of sugar. It does not affect the sugar level in the blood. Diabetics can also consume it. As it is consumed regularly, it positively affects the functions of the intestines. However, when consumed excessively, it causes diarrhea.


Thanks to the potassium it contains, it prevents the clogging of the heart vessels and ensures better pumping of blood throughout the body. In addition, it strengthens the heart muscles and prevents diseases such as heart rhythm disorders.

B etha-carotene substances reduce the risk of high blood pressure by balancing blood pressure. In addition, beta carotene is a substance that is beneficial for eye health. By providing the balance of vitamins and minerals in the eye, it reduces the possibility of diseases such as cataracts and retinal disorders.

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Phosphorus and calcium are essential ingredients for strong bones. Apricot, which is rich in these vitamins, supports the strengthening of bones. Children of developmental age and pregnant women should consume at least 3 per day.

Low potassium ratio causes severe headache. Apricot is an effective food in eliminating this.

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Apricot, which also prevents the formation of wounds and aphthae in the mouth, also prevents bad breath caused by the stomach. In addition, it strengthens the immune system and protects the body against cancerous cells.

Beta carotene not only balances blood pressure, but also delays aging by preventing cells that are prone to aging in the body. At the same time, thanks to the vitamin A it contains, apricot prevents the formation of sebaceous glands in the liver and skin.

It maintains brain health by balancing the body’s electrical level and making the nerves more fluid. It prevents the emergence of diseases such as forgetfulness and lack of concentration in later ages.

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Experts have conducted research on whether the kernel of apricot has benefits for human health as much as its pulp. It has been revealed that the apricot kernel, which contains substances such as vitamin B17, that is, amygdalin, which is rarely found, protects the health of cells that prepare the ground for cancer by mutating due to various reasons in the body.

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At the end of a 7-year research, it has been proven that apricot kernels prevent cancer diseases. In addition, in the same study, it was determined that the apricot kernel renews the cells and delays aging. Experts underline that the apricot kernel more than meets the daily needs of the human body vitamins and minerals.

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