What are the benefits of apple peel tea? How to make apple peel tea?

The peel of the apple, which is almost one of the most preferred fruits, has been used in alternative medicine for making tea for centuries. Apple peel tea, which is a natural cough suppressant and expectorant, which is frequently preferred in upper respiratory tract diseases, is also among the preferences of those who want to lose weight. What are the benefits of apple peel tea? How to make apple peel tea?

Apples, which contain high levels of quercetin, are among the antioxidant foods. The apple, which has thin skins, is a fruit with plenty of flesh. It is both liquid-containing and rich in fiber. This, in turn, supports human health in many ways. There are varieties such as green, yellow and red. It also contains vitamins A, D, E and C. Studies have shown that apples have a powerful effect on heart health. It reduces bad cholesterol and prevents inflammation of the arteries. It balances blood flow. At the same time, the acid it contains is very useful. It cleans the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines. Apple peels also have the same benefits. It is one of the teas recommended by experts for increasing upper respiratory tract diseases and toxin removal during seasonal transitions.

  • Apple tea removes toxins from the body.
  • Apple tea is ideal for those who want to lose weight. It burns body fat quickly.
  • It cleans the parasites in the intestines.
  • Balances blood sugar.
  • It increases the number of antibodies in the immune system.

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– Apple peel tea benefits the most common indigestion and constipation problems.

– It prevents the accumulation of intestinal parasites increasing due to food waste. It provides weight control.

– Increases the number of blood-forming cells.

– Apple peel tea cuts the cough that increases with upper respiratory tract diseases. In addition, it allows the inflammation accumulated in the throat to be expelled as phlegm.

– It supports blood circulation by increasing the fluid content in the body, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

– Provides natural sugar to insulin resistance in the blood.

– It is a powerful fat burner. It aims to reach the ideal weight with exercise and healthy nutrition.

– When consumed regularly, it prevents inflammation caused by food waste in the mouth.

– Helps the liver to remove toxins from the body. In this way, it prevents the accumulation of dirty oil on the skin. It supports the brighter healthy appearance of the skin.


Add two glasses of water to the peel of one dried apple and add a teaspoon of cloves and a cinnamon stick. After boiling for 15 minutes on low heat, strain into a glass and pour 4 5 drops of lemon into it and consume. One glass a day will suffice.

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