What are the benefits of allspice? How to consume allspice? Is allspice harmful?

Allspice, which is the most common among tropical spices, is an indispensable flavor especially in the dishes of South America and Far East countries. In shape, the seed is similar to black pepper, but the smell is the same as cloves. It provides one-to-one benefits to oral health. It is also good for health problems such as indigestion. The oil in the seed is beneficial for health. So what are the benefits of allspice?

Allspice spice, which is frequently used in South American countries, is also consumed for health purposes. It is also known by names such as Jamaican pepper, myrtle pepper, and pimenta. Allspice, obtained from the plant Pimenta dioica, is claimed to belong to the clove family. It is collected immature and dried in the sun. These grains, which turn from green to brown or dark green, are likened to black pepper. Even the leaves of the plant are used by local people. Thanks to its pleasant smell, it has become an indispensable taste of food. The essential oil obtained from its essence is added to the products as a raw material in cosmetic factories. This oil, which has a drying structure, is also preferred in its natural form. In our country, its use has increased in recent years. Allspice, which especially those with different tastes want to use, has positive contributions to oral and dental health. Just like cloves, it prevents bad breath. It reduces the infection in the mouth. It contains a blend of herbal scents such as allspice nutmeg, cinnamon and turmeric. This plant loves warm countries. It is often preferred in meat dishes. It has a bitter taste.

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It is used in allspice stuffed dishes, which experts recommend everyone to consume, in meatballs and to sweeten pickles. The oil obtained by applying the steam method from leaves and fruits is used for skin problems. However, it is recommended to be used sparingly, as it has drying properties just like tea tree. Otherwise, it will cause irritation when used excessively. It is a powerful pain reliever. Therefore, add allspice or allspice oil to warm water and mix. Soothes mouth sores or toothache. Allspice can be consumed orally as a spice. However, the oil should never be swallowed.

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– Studies have shown that allspice has positive effects on the regeneration of the nervous system. This, in turn, benefits allspice from depression, stress and fatigue. At the same time, it strengthens the nervous system and strengthens memory by increasing brain functions.

– It is recommended to add it to the meals of people who often have problems with gas entrapment. It prevents health problems in the digestive system. It regulates the functions of the stomach and intestines. It prevents nausea and vomiting.

– Balances blood circulation. It prevents the accumulation of fat in the veins. In particular, it prevents the hardening of the vascular walls and prevents the occurrence of calcification and vascular diseases.

– It has a strong anesthetic feature. Therefore, it can be used as a natural remedy for oral wounds or dental inflammation. It also prevents the formation of odor by cleaning the waste food in the mouth.

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– The painkiller benefit is not only in the mouth, but also prevents pain in the bones and muscles when consumed. It provides quick relief, especially after gripping or cramping pains.

– It acts as the most effective natural remedy for health problems caused by fungi or bacteria on the skin surface. It quickly dries the surface infection. However, excessive use can cause irritation.

– When used as a spice, it also provides benefits for throat dryness and sinus discharges caused by diseases such as colds.

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It is not known exactly what kind of damage it has because it is newly used. However, experts recommend that pregnant and lactating women should not be used. Consuming without excessive consumption is the golden rule for every food. Since it contains strong substances, people with weak body should consult a doctor.

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