What are the benefits of Acur? What is the other name of acur? Miraculous food that balances blood pressure

Acur, a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, can reach up to one meter. Growing like a bow, the acur also has a flat appearance. It is known that acur, which is indispensable for pickles, has many benefits for human health. Acur, which is frequently grown in Anatolian lands, has a widespread consumption in our country. It prevents urinary tract inflammation. It is rich in potassium. So what are the benefits of acure?

Acur, which has colors such as white, green and dark green, belongs to the cucurbit family. However, it is similar in taste to cucumber. In addition to a thin and long appearance, it can take a shape like a melon in some varieties. Acur with indented lines on it is consumed quite widely. It can be consumed even in raw form by washing the skin without peeling it. At the same time, the nutritional value of pickled acurd is also very high. According to the researches, thanks to the substances it contains, Acurun prevents the proliferation of diseases with neurological infrastructure. It prevents Alzheimer’s diseases seen in advanced ages. In the southeast region, this nutrient is often called tyrosine.

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The calorie of acurun grown in Western and Southeastern Anatolia is quite low. It is a food that can be easily consumed by those who follow a diet in winter. Acur, which is harvested at the end of August, is available on the counter until September and October. This nutrient, which grows easily in the hot months, does not require abundant watering. Therefore, it is easy to cultivate. When it contains high potassium, it balances blood pressure by lowering the potassium level in the blood. That’s why it’s a heart-friendly food. It is also a strong diuretic.

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  • The fluid in the body changes during the seasons. This change invites some diseases. For this reason, experts recommend both fluid consumption and consumption of foods rich in fluids. Acurda, such as watermelon and cucumber, is an effective food in this regard. It contains 80 percent water. This ensures the functioning of the adrenal glands.
  • In order to avoid situations such as difficulty urinating due to genetics, unhealthy diet and the separate effects of some drugs, when the core part of acur is boiled, filtered and consumed by adding honey, it is both diuretic and removes the inflammation accumulated in the urinary tract from the body. It also prevents the formation of stones and sand in the bladder.
  • When fresh and ripe acurd is consumed regularly in summer and autumn, the potassium it contains helps to clean the blood. It also balances blood pressure. Thus, it reduces the risk of experiencing diseases such as stroke, paralysis and high blood pressure. In addition, potassium is good for cardiovascular diseases by reducing the rate of bad cholesterol.
  • The leaf of acurun is good for the bites of animals such as dogs, insects and mosquitoes. Thanks to its antibacterial feature, it prevents the infection caused by the bite beforehand. In some alternative medicine books, people who have to spend a lot of time in the forest always take these leaves with them.
  • Acur provides regeneration of nerve cells. This strengthens the signals to the brain. It prevents serious disorders such as forgetfulness, which may occur in advanced ages.
  • Acur, which is rich in vitamins, provides strengthening of immunity. It increases the body’s resistance to diseases. Experts emphasize that the body should take the acur in a few months a year, especially in fresh form.
  • Vitamin K is found in very rare foods. Acur is very rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K strengthens the structure of bones and muscles. It neither coagulates nor dilutes the blood too much. In this way, it prevents the occurrence of serious diseases.
  • Acur, which is low in calories and rich in fiber, is an ideal food for those who want to diet. Since pickles are also rich in probiotics, experts recommend consuming pickles rather than raw, for those who want to diet.


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